Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My friend, N. is as we speak building a chicken coop for me. He recently quit his job as an embedded systems programmer and is trying to find something else he would like to do for a living. If all goes well with my chicken coop he is thinking of making chicken coops for a living. I think he has the right attitude to be successful. Especially when he was open to me turning down his initial list of (incredibly expensive!!!) materials after I declared, "We're making a chicken coop!" Of course, it would've been the perfect chicken coop for some Queen Anne townhouse dwellers who needed the coop to conform to the CCR's for the HOA, but I'm going for function over fashion.

Yesterday I dragged N. out to the farm where I board my horse so that he could look at the chicken coops out there. The woman who owns the farm loves horses more than people and chickens more than horses (so you can deduce where people fit in to that ...). She has more chickens than I've ever seen and some of them are like no chicken I've ever seen before. She travels all over the West Coast going to chicken shows and her farm is also the first place I've ever seen a chicken getting a bath. Obviously, she is the expert on chicken coops, having about a million of them on one side of her farm. And she is smart about chickens so since she bought some eggs as an investment in order to sell the chickens to the "city folks like you" I decided to buy my chickens from her.

Actually, I'm buying two chickens from her and the third is free. She's a little blueish-gray Americauna with a cross-beak. It looks painful but it's not, it's just the way she was born. But she will need a little extra TLC to thrive. But she is so sweet! She followed N. everywhere while I was out riding my horse, and she nuzzles right up against your leg and will jump right into our lap. The farm owner was going to give her to a chicken rescue because she doesn't have time to give her the extra attention she needs but I said I'd take her. I just feel really akin to her - you know, seeing as I have my own physical maladies and all. I can't remember what kind the other two chickens are but they are beautiful. I'll post photos this weekend after I bring them home.

I need to clear out a corner of our backyard for the chicken coop and run. As it is the chickens are coming home this weekend and the coop won't be ready till next week. So, I'm borrowing a chicken cage and putting up a make-shift run for the time being. That means I need to clear out this awful, overgrown section of our backyard. I started this afternoon and it's going to take awhile. There are literally two feet of ivy growing on the chainlength fence in the back corner of our yard behind the garage, and when I cut that down it will be part of the chicken run. This is a good exercise for me in small space management. I need to use all the space on our property instead of letting things like that four foot space behind our garage get filled up with ivy from the next door neighbor's yard. They're renters. They could give a shit what happens in the back of their backyard. I may have to climb over the fence and dig up the roots of the ivy myself since it is on their property. Which I doubt they'll notice because they have the biggest juniper bushes in the history of mankind taking over the back portion of the yard. I am convinced that Hell is lined with packing peanuts and juniper bushes. But that is a different blog post for a different time.

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