Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time to get a gun ... that's what I been thinkin'

Many people reading this probably don't realize that is a line from a Fred Eaglesmith song that my friend, Laura and I used to like to sing together. She bought me a Fred Eaglesmith cd many years ago when I went down to a little town outside Centralia to take a weekend course in gun safety. It was kind immersion-gun-safety. Sunday evening my husband noted that there was a lot of testosterone in the room and it was not coming from him.

Anyway, the latest crime trend in our neighborhood is home invasion robberies. Some group of someone are kicking in people's doors in the middle of the night and if the residents get up they get pistol whipped before the robbers take off with their stuff. I'm not so worried about our stuff getting stolen as I am violent people kicking in my door. There have also been a string of arsons. Needless to say, sleeping for me has not been so relaxed. I want to scream, "Isn't this enough? Can't we just leave living in the city now?" but I still have about 22 months left to go. I'd rather have to worry about bears getting into our stuff than having our doors kicked in. At least bears are less likely to be high-out-of-their-mind on crack or whatever the drug-du jour is now. I'm not sure it's crack. Maybe meth but if you can make that at home why steal stuff when you don't need to buy it? I'm a little out of touch with drug culture.

Meanwhile, there are good things like our chicken coop is almost totally secure from raccoons after my husband built a moat and filled it with leftover concrete and bricks we've had lying around for a long time.

Speaking of raccoons, the latest scare in the neighborhood is "rouge, crazed raccoons who are attacking women and children and small pets with no provacation in broad daylight!" I'm not sure if these same raccoons are the same ones who are doing the home invasion robberies.

It turns out what started the fear of attack raccoons is that a family's tiny little 5 pound dog was in the backyard and a raccoon thought it was food and pounced on it. When the dad tried to save his dog from the raccoon, the raccoon turned on him. So, the mom came running out and tried to get the raccoon off the dad and it attacked her. I really feel for the family because I was do the same thing to save my dog and because of getting bit they had to get all those awful shots for rabies. But then they made a statement to the media and sent out flyers saying the raccoon just attacked them without provocation. So I've been seeing lots of chatter on neighborhood newsgroups about how we need to keep our children inside lets these raccoons decide to attack them. Very little discussion on how tragic this was, but it was totally normal that a raccoon would attack someone trying to take their dinner away. I'm hoping that maybe for awhile raccoons will become the scapegoat-animal-of-the-hour and replace pitbulls.

The other thing on my mind lately is figuring out how city sewer systems and septic systems work *exactly*. I know the toilet waste goes to the sewage plant to be processed along with everything that goes down the drain. But how does the septic process it? And if we were to build a house with composting toilets, what else would happen to the rest of the water that went down the drain? How much does it need to be processed if one uses only natural products for washing? Or IS there such a thing as a product for washing that is natural enough not to be bad for the environment? Did lye hurt the environment in the days of settlers and homesteaders when that was a common ingredient in soap? Is lye really that bad if people eat lutefisk that has been soaked in it?


  1. I mentioned this on FB, but I will say it again here-- I bet you guys are far safer than most just by having a dog, a pitbull, at that! My friends have a home security system and they were told the best thing a person can do for home security is have a dog.

  2. Bio-compatible soaps