Friday, October 16, 2009

My first time on stilts

Tonight was family game night at my daughter's grade school. The PE teacher puts it together with all the stuff they do in PE out plus tables with games and puzzles. Is it a rule that all PE teacher's have to be hot? Anyway, the most exciting game we played in gym when I was a kid was dodge ball or this crab game where you scooted around on your butt on these square skate-boardy kinda things that hurt like hell if you ran over your fingers. At my daughter's school they ride unicycles, walk on stilts, play with poi sticks, and learn to juggle.

I was in the obligatory cluster of moms while our daughter dragged her dad around showing him stuff, so I decided I needed to try out the stilts. Thankfully, the other moms decided they also needed to. It was actually really fun and by the time we left I'd gotten the hang of it. I kind of got the hang of the poi sticks too after much obsessing. There was also a big rubber bell-looking thing you balanced on a string between two sticks but I stayed away from it after my neighbor said, "Look! I can throw it up in the air and catch it again!" then next thing I heard was, "Aaaack! Julia!" and the thing came crashing down on my head. There will be some neighborly revenge for that one! (I'm still plotting ... I'll get back to you when I come up with something ...)

Met a couple kids from Emma June's class who she'd liked to have playdates with. One of their moms started in on a huge diatribe about how awful our kindergarten teacher is. I tried to shrug it off with "It's just kindergarten ..." and she said, "That's what I thought but listen ..." then I tuned out, but it was basically why our children will never excel in an ivy league schools because there are no goldfish in the classroom or something like that. I started to get stressed about it and almost blurted out, "So, what's the plan? Do you want to start a revolution?" then thought better of it because my daughter really likes her daughter. Then I decided I'm just not going to get involved. In retrospect I should've said, "Wow, that sounds very frustrating for you. Here! Try the stilts! They're really fun!" For the record I really ilke my daughter's kindergarten teacher and what's more important my daughter really likes her.

People kind of drive me crazy. I think my lesson in life is to not let them get to me. I don't know if people drive others so crazy or if I'm just really cranky and pissy by nature? Even when I was a kid I preferred the company of animals over many people. I still do. A couple days ago I decided that I am going to take seriously my wish to one day make my living working with animals - whatever capacity that turns out to be. I'd like it to be training horses or dogs but I have yet to find out how I could afford to work as an apprentice for years to do that. I'm just keeping my eyes and ears open to whatever opportunities I can find and hoping it will work out.

When I talk to Sheryl - my riding instructor - it validates that I'm on the right path though. I've been listening (probably more than she realizes) to what she tells me and have been reading a lot of books about how horses think and what the mentality of a prey/herd animal is compared to say me - who is basically a solitary predator. Not a pack animal. Far too cranky to be a pack animal. But what is weird is I do like to meet people and always naively look at all new people as potential new friends. Wow. I just totally diverged from the initial theme of this paragraph in one fell swoop. My old Honors English teacher Mrs. Hawthorne is probably cringing somewhere as we speak.

On a happy note, I'm going to go look at a used kayak for sale tomorrow. Yay! Kayaking is one of my favorite new hobbies even though I've only done it a handful of times now. And I would must rather be kayaking in the San Juan islands than say in the Puget Sound off Alki or Shilshole or in Lake Union. But I'll take kayaking there over not kayaking at all. Here is a picture to remind of me a moment when I was very very happy.

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  1. Wow, I remember those square pieces of plywood on wheels, and I remember scooting around on them too. What the hell were they for, and why can't I remember more about them? I remember the corners caught on clothes if you weren't careful. weird. Weird the things you forget about until people like you remember them for us!

    And it sounds like there is usually at least one malcontented parent for every kindergarten class, even where I live. I'm going to remember that for next year when I get to do this too...your reaction to her cracked me up.