Thursday, October 22, 2009

My mom is having more fun than me

I was driving to work in Pioneer Square this morning and decided to call my mom and see how she's doing (with my hands free headset so back off!). She answered on her cell and kept breaking up and saying, "We're just outside of -something something- Utah. We're heading to a -something crackly- animal rescue. We've been wanting to visit for quite awhile now ..." Then she completely broke up and said she'd call from the motel tonight. It sounded a lot more fun than going to work.

In 1988 I lived in Pioneer Square briefly. Yes, me who wants to live out in the woods lived in a loft in Pioneer Square. I lived with a girl named Lisa - spelled Leesa - who wanted to be a model. We didn't have a refrigerator but since it was winter we just put everything perishable on the fire escape outside. Every morning we would go across the street to the Grand Central Bakery for our coffee and bagels. Well, I had a bagel but "Leesa" didn't eat because she wanted to be a model. We'd also hug the trees in the cobblestone square outside the bakery. I was mortified deep down inside when I first heard the expression "tree hugger" a few years later.

I brought my dog to work with me because my clients are at a conference in Santa Fe so I figured I could use some company. She is kind of a sensitive little pitbull girl and was very nervous with all the people and traffic and noise from the viaduct right above us. I was trying to find a grassy place for her to "go potty" and I couldn't find one. It's so odd to me that the ground is all concrete down there. It's just really really weird and disconcerting. It is also really dirty in a gross sort of way - not in a cool, muddy sort of way. When I've gone up to Monroe to help muck stalls for the 20 or so horses at the rescue farm, I feel like washing my hands before I eat something, but in Pioneer Square I feel like washing my hands every time I touch something. Earlier in the week when I went to work down there there was blood on the parking meter.

On a happier note I went jogging yesterday for the second time in over six years. I used to really like running even though I've never been very good at it. Now I'm horrible at it because I've been laid up so much in the last five years from the rheumatoid arthritis. Yesterday was the perfect conditions for running though. It was raining but not really cold so it was actually refreshing that it was raining. After about three blocks (ok - stop laughing! Keep in mind that two years ago pre-arthritis-medicine I couldn't even walk a block because I was in so much pain!) "Rearview Mirror" by Pearl Jam came up on my iPod and it was the perfect running song. Besides that it is my "emancipation from assholes" song, it also has a rhythm that goes quite well with my slow jogging pace. I seriously had a moment of feeling all gleeful and endorphin-y where I could've easily started singing at the top of my lungs ... except I would like to not have my neighbors be afraid of me and I'm not a good singer.

Next week is Halloween. I'm not sure, but I think I missed my window (again!) this year to plant my cover crop in the vegetable garden.

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  1. Julia I'm pretty sure we'll ALL be having more fun when we're retired! That's the way it's supposed to work :)