Sunday, October 25, 2009

Something I'll have to get used to

So, here's something I'm going to need to learn to get used to when we move to the country: driving down long, dark, foggy, abandoned highways in the foothills. I had a meeting with one of the horse rescues last night up in Monroe. I've only driven back to Seattle from Monroe at night once and it was really foggy and creepy driving that 20 miles of Hwy 522 from Monroe to the north part of Bothell where there are no streetlights and it's pitch black. Except for the fog. Last night it was really foggy too which was creepy. I think I would've really disliked driving that stretch of highway except that I have driven it so many times in the day time that I know exactly where I'm going.

It reminded me of driving to Sacramento, CA in 1993. We were driving through the mountains in central Oregon and my traveling companion, Ben, had fallen asleep. We'd been listening to Dead Can Dance "Toward the Within" and it was around 1am and very foggy. All of the sudden I started imaging that any minute "Bob" from Twin Peaks was going to suddenly jump down from the cliffs onto the hood of my car. My imagination can really go wild in the dark in the woods. An old friend did a non-scientific survey in the early 1990's, of what women from the Pacific NW are afraid of if they're alone in the woods. Most women from other parts of the country would say "Bears, cougars, etc." but women who grew up in the Pacific NW in the 70's and 80's (including myself) are afraid of serial killers in the woods far more than wild animals.

The drive from Monroe to Bothell on 522 is really beautiful during the day. The highway is mostly lined with huge trees, although there is one spot a few miles before the first Monroe exit to Main Street, where you come to a clearing as you cross a bridge over the Skykomish River. JP did comment that he wouldn't mind living under that bridge although I think he may have meant more in the troll sense than in the farm sense.

Meanwhile, back in civilization (or so some would call it) I was told today by Jeremy while at coffee hour at church, that my chickens are probably not laying eggs because they are nervous. At first, with his twangy Oklahoma accent, I thought I should listen to him. Then I realized I don't know where he's from in Oklahoma and if he's from Oklahoma City he may not know anything more about chickens than I do. I said this to JP and Emma June piped up, "No Mama, it's because they're young," with such certainty that I figure I may as well believe her in her 5 year old wisdom. Also, lots of farms (including Sheryl's where I got my chickens) have dogs. Sheryl has three dogs that wander around her farm. So, they aren't nervous because of the pitbull. And the raccoons don't seem to come around because of the pitbull.

On a side note, "pitbull" is a term that came from bull dogs bred to fight in the pits. My dog was obviously bred to sleep on the couch. So from here on out she will be referred to as "the couchbull".

I'm doing the finances for the horse rescue that my vet started and last night I got all the books of receipts and incorporation documents and IRS correspondence to bring home and go through. I'm the only one on the board who doesn't live in the Monroe/Sultan/Gold Bar area and I muttered, "If I could find a job up here I'd move here and be much more available," and Hannah (my vet - the board president) said, "What kind of job???" in that hopeful tone like it would be easy for me to find a job that would support our family and thus convince my husband we should move there. So, if anyone living in Monroe/Sultan/Arlington/Stanwood knows of a job that comes with medical benefits for a bookkeeper/accountant, or wrangling horses or working with animals in any capacity do let me know. Sigh. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But I've been scouring craigslist for months and have not found a good job for myself in that area.


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