Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our first chicken eggs and getting over the plague

Apparently, we did have swine flu (H1N1) at our house. Although somehow my husband managed to not come down with it. Emma June was sick with it over the weekend and I was sick with it by Tuesday. I'm still dragging to be honest, no more fever but still very worn out and fatigued. I'm going to bed at 7:30 tonight, I think.

This morning I went out to feed the chickens and was pouring food in their bowl and saying, "How are you my non-egg laying chickens?" when I thought I'd look in the nesting boxes. And there inside one of the boxes was a tiny little perfect green (or greenish-blue as my daughter would correct me) egg! It was so small that it had to have come from Woodia, the cross beak chicken who is half as big as the others. Plus, she is the only one I know for sure is and "Easter Egger" meaning she lays blue and green eggs. Janey, the big brown one might be an Americana but I'm not sure. She looks more like a Rhode Island Red and she is huge - twice as big as Woodia and even bigger than Alina, who is a Sexlink.

I took the egg in to show Emma June, who thought it was super cool. Then a few hours later I realized that I had been so distracted by the first egg that I'd forgotten to give the chickens fresh water. I went back out and found three more little tiny greenish-blue eggs! I'm not sure if Woodia just had all sorts of eggs that had to come out or if Janey started laying eggs also. Sheryl says they only lay one egg a day, but do they do that the first day they lay eggs? And somebody laid more than one because there were four today and only three chickens. Plus I don't think Alina would've laid any of them because she's supposed to lay brown speckled eggs from what I heard. Tomorrow we're going to have eggs for breakfast that were laid only about 18 hours before.

Ok - so I just did the serious google on unfertilized eggs. Apparently the largest amount of eggs laid in one day by one hen was 11 in 1652. And it is possible for one little tiny chicken to lay 4 eggs in one day. Go Woodia!

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