Monday, November 16, 2009

the plague descends and staying in the city for now

We went out to the farm yesterday for my second interview for the horse caretaker job. It was a beautiful farm, the owners were nice, I liked the people who worked there and my job would've been soooooo cool (grooming and babying horses) but it just isn't the right timing. JP couldn't work from home and they need someone by December 1st which is just way too soon to actually move somewhere. We'd need to get our house ready to rent, I'd need to give my bookkeeping clients plenty of notice, I would want Emma June to finish out at least school up through Christmas break before switching schools on her. So, I said no. At least I know there are cool jobs out there like that and I am apparently qualified for some.

I've really never spent any time in Oak Harbor and it's not as bad as I'd thought it would be. What really impressed me was Deception Pass! I haven't been there in years and even on a day like yesterday when it was rainy and dark and cloudy it was breathtaking! I noticed some good kayaking spots. And land is really cheap in Oak Harbor. Good to know.

It was incredibly windy yesterday too which was annoying when I was driving. When we were going over the bridge from Anacortes to Oak Harbor we caught a lot of wind which literally rocked the car. We'd told EJ that we would take the ferry home, but when we were driving through Coupeville and I had to hold on tightly to the steering wheel in order to keep the car stable, I was starting to regret that decision. It was dark by the time we got on the ferry and I hadn't brought anything to do so I went out on the deck to watch the view (the windows were covered with rain and the bright lights inside the ferry made it impossible to see out). But it was cold and really windy so I decided to go back to the car. When I started walking down the aisle inside the ferry it was listing so hard back and forth I had to grab the back of seats in order to not fall over a couple times. Then when I got to the stairwell the ferry rocked so hard I pitched forward and almost fell down the stairs (thank goodness for banisters!). Ferries are so big, I've never been on one that was actually bouncing around like that before.

We got home and EJ was really tired and felt kind of hot, so I took her temperature and it was 102. She's had a cough since Friday night, was exhausted all day yesterday and has a fever - all swine flu symptoms. Bah. She's doing better today - still no appetite and a low fever and nasty cough, but she is feeling better so that is hopeful that she's on the mend. I feel horrible though because we thought the cough was just a carry-over from her cold and she said she felt fine so we took her to a birthday party on Saturday where there were a couple babies and a lot of kids. I feel like Typhoid Mary. Or like one of the rats that brought the black plague.

The other bummer is I'm sure JP and I will get it, although we are downing lots of water and taking lots of vitamins so hopefully it won't get too bad. But we're supposed to leave for New Orleans to meet our newborn nephew next Monday and we definitely can't go if we have the swine flu. So, we'll have to see what happens. I won't be devastated if we don't go since being around the in-laws stresses me out. But JP will be. I don't want us anywhere near our nephew though if there is any chance at all we could be contagious.

On a happier note, I've been trying to work on a story I'm writing about some legends I made up about Jack Island and Vendovi Island in the San Juans. Jack Island is a nature preserve and Vendovi Island is a private island with part of it designated as a nature preserve. I'm fascinated by Vendovi Island because I can't imagine living on an island all by yourself like that. I'm assuming there's no wifi or anything like that. And you'd only have your own boat to get back to the mainland. For someone like me who doesn't particularly like people that much, even living out on Vendovi seems too isolated and extreme for me. I did meet the caretaker who lived out there year-round. He was really nice although kind of me-to-the-extreme in his liking nature better than having people around. I would've liked to have talked to him a lot more.

Anyway, I found this neat site that has ariel shoreline shots of the islands.

So, one of my regrets of not taking this horse caretaker job - besides not getting to spend every day with horses and live in the same place as my horse - is that the apartment they were offering is on the side of the barn and the little kid bedroom's window actually looks out into the barn. So, Emma June could've gotten up in the morning and looked out her window at all 37 horses below. That really would've been so cool.

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  1. Both of my girls got random fevers the week before last and had the same symptoms. Iris's lasted all of not even 12 hours and Eloise's came and went for over 72, but it only came at night and was gone all day. Matt and I never caught it (not to say no one else would). So, maybe it's something more like that? How has she been?

    I guess I could really hope that my girls had swine flu, it was insanely mild, and we were exposed but didn't catch it? Yeah, wishful thinking :)

    I'm sad about you missing out on that job. It really sounded like the perfect thing for you. Something will come along at the right time, though!