Saturday, November 14, 2009

two chasms in the future

Last week I happened to run across a posting for my dream job and on a whim I emailed a cover letter and resume. My resume was a bit useless because the job is taking care of horses and my resume is all about accounting, but I blabbered on and on in the cover letter about how much I've learned in the last year with my horse and how wonderful I am. I got an email back setting up a phone interview which surprised me. I told my husband about it that night and it was met with a very heavy sigh and a "you're not really qualified are you?" and another heavy sigh when I said that I didn't think I was, but they had asked for a phone interview. He said if the job wasn't in Oak Harbor he'd lose me for sure and I pointed out, "No, you're coming with me!"

The phone interview actually went really well. The job involves filling in for the barn manager two days a week, then the rest of the time my job would be caring for the horses: grooming, making sure their blankets and halters were properly fastened in good working order, making sure they were healthy and first aid if they were injured or ill, then liason with the vet or farrier when they come out. Optional duties would be assisting the trainers and riding instructors and taking guests at the neighboring B&B on trail rides. The perfect job for horse obsessed me. That is all in trade for a 3 bedroom apartment with a deck that looks out over the paddock where the Shetland ponies and miniature horses live and free food and board for Girlfriend. We're all invited out to the farm tomorrow for the in-person interview.

JP says there is no way it will work because he can't work from home yet at his job because of what they're working on right now. He says it will be six months before they'll have his project virtual enough to work from home. But if this really is as good of an opportunity as it sounds like I think we can figure out a way to make it work. I have a quote on my facebook page "Most people miss opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work". I really don't want to give up a great opportunity just because it doesn't fit inside the box of what our lives are supposed to look like.

This morning I took our daughter to the Spectrum testing and had to wait in the cafeteria for 90 minutes and ended up talking to another mom who was reading a book about home schooling. She said that in August they - herself, her husband and their by-then six year old daughter - are leaving Seattle for three years to sail around the world. I almost jumped up out of my seat and shouted, "Really!? Seriously!?" I told her it was very validating to hear that because I need to be reminded that we don't all have to live this "buy a house, live in it for 40 years, have the kid go to a good school in the city and make sure everything is proper and by-the-book" in order to be a happy family.

I won't be crushed if they don't offer me the job. Oak Harbor was actually on our list of "places we are not going to move". Although, if it means I have to live there in order to have a job working with horses and learning how to train horses and teach riding lessons it would be worth it. I checked out the schools and the closest school to the farm looks good. And I'd only be 40 minutes from my friend, Teresa who lives in Clinton. But if I don't get the job I am pretty happy where we are for now and we still have time to figure out what town we want to move to in 2011. Wherever we move to - either to this farm or to our own farm in 2011 - I want to be able to hear seagulls. Actually, the best would be to be able to hear seagulls and trains because those are two sounds that make me feel at home.

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  1. It sounds like this job is one of those forks in theh road that will resolve itself...if the job doesn't come thru, that's okay because the opportunity functions to narrow what you want you want out of life...I totally agree about living in the same house for 40 yrs, etc. I was you at one time...keep focused on that distant star and all will come to pass.