Thursday, November 5, 2009

with fava beans and a nice chianti

Ok, I can't believe I just quoted that movie. I try to be positive in my references even if my bitterness and misanthropy tends to come through more in my writing. But you know, I was reading about fava beans and that's what comes to mind. What is funnier is I just asked my husband "How do you spell chianti?" and he said, "I don't know - hold on, I will google "Hannibal Lector" and "fava bean" and ... yep! There it is. C-h-i-a-n-t-i."

Apparently, if I can get some fava bean and winter wheat seeds by tomorrow I can just barely squeeze in getting my cover crop planted before it's too late in the season. And I can get my bulbs into the ground before the first frost.

I took my new neighbor/fellow mom friend, Heather with me to look at a horse I'm thinking of adopting in Stanwood today. She is very afraid of horses but was a great sport and rode this horse anyway. He is a very sweet, patient horse, good for lessons so it was a good safe place to try that. I am always impressed when people do something they are really scared to do - like in her case get up on this horse they know nothing about and are afraid of. It's strange to me that horses can relax me so much but then scare someone else.

A couple days ago I was out riding Girlfriend and asked my instructor if she could answer some questions about saddles and after answering some of my questions she said, "You know, I'm still really impressed at how well Girlfriend did in the group lesson on Saturday." I'm still glowing over that too. Although, our practice ride on Tuesday was not as good, at least I felt like. She was all worked up about something and wanted to run from the get go. When we tried to trotting she got pissy and did her little bucks and tossed her head. Finally, because no one else was in the arena, I put the reins in one hand, grabbed the saddle horn and said, "Ok, go!" Of course, because I am still working on cantering/galloping she started out on the wrong lead and I had to pull her back to start over again which pissed her off, but then we got going on the right lead and went whooshing around the arena a couple times. Weeee! She doesn't neck rein super well, but she will neck rein enough to be safe so I feel safe doing that. But I don't trust my balance enough yet to go that fast without holding onto the saddle horn. In fact, most of the barrel racers I've seen even hold onto the saddle horn when they are going that fast and whipping around turns. And Girlfriend goes right into that mode, cutting her turns really sharp and leaning sideways. It is really really fun! And probably totally unacceptable if my instructor were to see me doing that.

Sadly I do not have any videos of Girlfriend with her previous owner from the state or national championships, but this is what she is trained to do and what she loves.

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