Thursday, December 10, 2009

at least hurricanes aren't cold

My life has been derailed by a nasty, nasty worse-than-the-swine-flu-was cold for this entire week. Higher fever, feel awful, can't sleep. At least I could sleep through much of the swine flu. This week I've felt too awful to sleep and only can when I'm so exhausted I fall asleep for a couple hours. Grumble.

Anyway, because of this my husband has been on a lot of kid duty. And when he's not around she's been lying in bed watching tv with me which she likes a lot. Which is all well and good except for yesterday. I was lying in bed feeling horrid and watching Law & Order Special Victim's Unit to try and get my mind off how horrid I felt when my Emma June got home from school. I told her she could watch tv in my room with me (meaning kid shows on PBS) and that I would get her snack. I wandered into the kitchen in a daze to make her snack before collapsing back in bed and I hear, "Mama, I don't like this!" from the bedroom and I shuffle in to reailze "Aaack! I'd forgotten to the turn the tv off and she was watching Law & Order SVU!" Ooops. I apologized, turned the tv off, made her snack and came back and turned on Word Girl.

This week has been freakishly cold for Seattle. Every morning it has been about 19 degrees outside. And since I'm sick I can't walk EJ to school so my husband has. And every morning he comes back to the house and announces that it is too cold for living creatures. So today I pointed out that it never gets that cold on the Northshore of Lake Pontchatrain and also pointed out that hurricanes aren't cold. Apparently, this was not a good argument though because he just looked at me strangely for a moment and finally said, "That they are not."

Honestly, I'd much rather deal with hurricanes and flooding than the impending "big one" earthquake that is eventually going to hit Seattle. Sometime when sanity hits me I realize how incredibly stupid it is to own a house and live in a place that is guaranteed to be leveled by a giant earthquake any time within the next hundred years or so.

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