Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back in the cold Pacific Northwest

It got down to about 28 degrees last night. A far cry from the 60 degrees of New Orleans last week. I went out to see my horse yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks and had a moment where I felt like wimping out and going home when I got out of the car in the 32 degree weather and realized I should've worn long johns under my jeans since I was going to be outside for a couple hours.

I got warmer as I started grooming Girlfriend and tacking her up. I saw that she had a sore where her blanket was resting on her withers which is no good. I put on her other, heavier, more expensive blanket and I hope this one fits better. I could not see how her old one could've done that after just two weeks when she wore it for months last year with no problem. But she is also a lot more sway-backed this year than she was last year. She's starting to look old which is kind of hard to see. In Spring of next year she'll be 26 years old! So, she is becoming quite an old lady. But when I got on her yesterday after 2 weeks of not riding her she was jumping around and tossing her head and bucking just a bit in her insistence on running, just like she was a kid.

Emma June took her first real riding lesson at the stable at Audubon Park while we were in New Orleans. I'm hoping she can try a riding lesson at my stable now although usually the youngest age is 8 years old and she is turning 6 in January. There are exceptions sometimes, I'm just not sure if the instructor will make that much of an exception. I was really impressed by how well she did. She even trotted and posted a little.

I am now convinced that I want to move to the Northshore in Lousiana. Probably Covington area so we could have a farm. But I really liked being in Mandeville and I liked spending time in New Orleans. If the crime wasn't so high I almost wouldn't mind living in New Orleans if we could live close to Audubon Park. I could even handle the no recycling because I would join the cause to bring recycling to the area.

Woodia is continuing to lay one egg a day. One perfect little blue/green egg. I'm wondering when the other chickens will start laying? Possibly not till Spring with how cold the weather is right now. Woodia has started acting even more like a queen now that she is the only hen in the coop who is laying. The tiny little cross-beak runt is now the dominant hen. It's kind of cool.

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