Monday, December 7, 2009

kittens, frozen chicken, frozen me

I went out to see Girlfriend yesterday despite that it was so cold I actually wasn't feeling very motivated. I thought it was a bad sign if cold weather was deterring me from my horse obsession so I bundled up and went out to the stable anyway. It was probably 31 degrees which really isn't that big of a deal. Especially if wimpy folks like me can wear many, many layers.

It was good I went because Sunday is the barn manager's day off and apparently none of the boarders or teens who hang out there wanted to be there when it was this cold. And Girlfriend had pooped in her water, which of course meant she couldn't drink it. Her bucket is probably around 20 gallons I would guess and it was full and I am not *that* strong. So, I had to drag it out of the stall and around the corner to dump it out in the frozen grass. Luckily, Girlfriend's stall is the last one right next to the barn door. The pump on that side of the barn was frozen though, so I dragged it to the other end and was able to break the ice off the hose and get it attached to the pump and get the pump working. After rinsing the bucket out with ice cold water, I stooped down with my hands between my legs to warm up my fingers while the bucket filled up. Then I dragged it back through the whole barn to Girlfriend's stall and she was very happy to have fresh water. My fingers hurt for quite a bit while they were warming up. Did I mention I'm a wimp about the cold?

Our ride wasn't too great again. Girlfriend did not want to trot although I did get her to trot at least a couple paces in a fast, but at least slightly refined way. After putting her through almost a half hour of boring refined, English walking, trotting practice, I let her have her couple laps of galloping. "Wheeeeeee!" actually flew out of my mouth at one point. Sigh. I've gotten so comfortable riding her fast that I'm not worried about keeping my balance so much as I'm worried about it hurting her legs and her stumbling or falling.

Last Tuesday evening we brought home a 4 months old kitten named Diamond as Emma June's early Christmas present. She's very little and thinks she's really big. She's completely black and stomps around on her delicate little tiny feet like she owns the whole house. She's been tormenting the pitbull, but I think that now some of it is playing. BuddyCat hates her and hisses any time she's near him, but she seems to like him despite that so I have hope that they will be friends. Last night was the first night she spent the whole night sleeping at the foot of Emma June's bed. Although she's still not very cuddly with her because she's not used to 5 year olds who are themselves pretty wiggly and unpredictable.

JP said that after he figures out a solar-powered sensor to open and shut the door from the chicken coop to the run, then I can put my webcam into the coop. And after that he'll give them a keyboard so they can blog. That reminds me of one of my favorite children's book. I might need to run power out there for a heat lamp at this rate with the cold weather. It was about 21 degrees last night and not supposed to get warmer than 30 degrees today, and their water keeps freezing.

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  1. As I was recently reminded: Water spiked with alcohol has a lower freezing point. Time to booze up the poultry!