Monday, December 28, 2009

Once when I was in Boone ...

About fifteen years ago when our friend, Nathan lived in Boone, NC we had this conversation about how some parts of the world carry certain vibrational energies that coincide with an individuals energy. I tend to only truly believe things that have some scientific research behind them (except for God but that's another story) but I like that idea because it feels like my experience of the world. I feel more energized and at peace in rural areas than in the city. Maybe that's just because the air is cleaner and there isn't all that "industrial" noise. Anyway, I'm in a huge period of discontent right now where I feel like I'm just slogging through the slow-moving time until 2011 when we can start looking for a farm to move to.

The holidays ended up being nice and relaxing. Well, after the norovirus swept through our house. About ten days before Christmas my poor daughter woke up late at night with horrible stomach pains and ended up puking all night. The next day we had to take her to Children's Hospital because she was getting dehydrated and when I called her doctor to ask her for some anti-nausea medication she said to take her to Childrens to make sure there was nothing serious. After we got home from the hospital my inbox was filled with emails from other moms in her class saying their kids had the same thing. It literally rips me apart inside when she's sick like that. Luckily it sounds like only one other kids in her class got so sick she had to get medicine in order to get re-hydrated. At least they are super nice at Childrens and seem to have endless energy to be sympathetic to sick kids and freaked out parents. And they brought her a Santa beanie baby and the nurses brought us coffee after they came in and found our daughter asleep on the stretcher and the two of us asleep in our chairs (we had been up all night afterall). A couple days later my poor husband got nice and sick so we sent our daughter off to my parents for the night where she had much more fun than she would've had at home.

Thankfully we were all well by Christmas so we went out to my parent's house for the day. My brother and his wife were there and for the first time my cousin, Marge and her boyfriend, Richard actually showed up. Marge used to raise horses and barrel race but she had surgery to fuse some herniated discs in her neck last year so I don't think she'll be riding Girlfriend. But we still have fun talking about horses and the Australian Shepherds she breeds and shows.

My sister-in-law gives me the distinct impression that she feels like she needs to save our family from our non-intellectual, white-trashness though. And Marge, being a rural girl at heart like me - well, put the two of us together and it seemed like there were at least a few sighs of disapproval from my sister-in-law. The thing is, we are not non-intelligent. We are quite intelligent in our own interests, it's just that our interests do not include philosophy or "the right kind of art" or gourmet cooking. Why do people think that makes them so important, I wonder? There are so many people who find value in themselves by the art pieces they have hanging on their wall or because they eat at "the right restaurants", and then they look down their noses at people like say, me or Marge or my mom because we just eat what we like, don't see the need to spend lots of money at a trendy restaurant and like the art that we like, whether or not it has been approved by the critic or art history professor who tells us what we are allowed to like and dislike.

In my opinion, that is just another form of consumerism. It's not as overt as the people who stay up all night in line the day before "Black Friday" in order to buy the latest hot video games at Wal-Mart, but it's still no different. It reminds me of the line in a song I really liked in the early 90's by a then-unknown band named Cake that played around Sacramento when I lived there. The song was How Do You Afford Your Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle? and there is a line in it that makes me think of the intellectual lifestyle - "You're drinkin' what they're sellin'".

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