Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally coming out of the dark abyss

My daughter was sick for about six days a couple weeks ago with a virus that really wiped her out, but for some reason I was under the illusion I would not catch it or it would not be too bad. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I think taking my dose of Enbrel last Wednesday night and coming down with the virus Thursday morning made it worse since Enbrel lowers my immune system.

Long story short, Thursday my chest and back burned and ache whenever I took a deep breath and I felt fatigued but I was hoping it would just be temporary. I hosted Campfire after school and couldn't wait for it to end so I could go lie down. I sent EJ to watch tv at 5:30 and laid down in bed and that was the end of that. By 9pm everything hurt so badly I couldn't get comfortable and when I tried to get out of bed I was so weak I blacked out and collapsed. I was horribly nauseous and it was work to take deep breaths so I was just taking very shallow, fast, labored breaths that made my chest burn. By midnight I couldn't take it any more so my husband called our next door neighbor to sleep at our house and took me to the ER. I tried to walk to the front door and ended up crawling and having to be carried. Luckily, EJ slept through all of this and we did not tell her about it in the morning. When she had heard I was sick when she went to bed last night she started crying and said she loved me and didn't want me to suffer.

The ER folks were really nice but I was miserable. They hooked me up to an EKG even though I said it felt like when I had pneumonia as a kid, not like a heart attack. They said they just had to be sure. Apparently, my electrolytes were all off so they gave me an IV to correct that and that did help some of the shakey, weak discomfort. The chest x-ray came back abnormal so I had to get a CT scan. There was talk of a blood clot in my lung which scared the heck out of me. Luckily, that was not the case. As it turned out, they couldn't find anything immediately life threatening so the doctor said he guessed somehow the virus had just hit me super hard and targeted my chest. He hesitantly said they'd discharge me (now by 4:30am I just wanted to be in my own comfy, quite bed in the dark) but to call if I had any symptoms of nausea, weakness, dizziness or chest pain ... then said, "Uh, I mean if they get worse since you have all those symptoms."

Went home, took some anti-nausea medication and slept a couple hours. Then felt absolutely horrible through all of Friday and Saturday and part of today. I couldn't eat, I had to keep taking anti-nausea medication so I could keep drinking fluid because every hour or so I would have much GI distress and lose everything. Most of what I did on Friday and Saturday was lie in bed and cry because I felt so awful. Finally, mid-way through today - Sunday - I could start eating a little bit again although the GI distress continues. This has been the worse virus I remember having. Stomach bugs should not last more than 24 hours. That's why cholera kills people you know! Thank God for anti-nausea medication and immodium.

The pitbull spent the majority of the last three days in bed with me which was nice. She is currenlty in bed with me but I'm not sure for how long because Christmas kitten is batting at her face trying to get her to play.

Yesterday was EJ's 6th birthday party and I had hired a guy to come out here with two ponies for the kids to ride so we couldn't cancel it. So, I spent about two hours on a make-shift bed of blankets on the floor in one of our bathrooms so as not to expose the kids to the hell virus. While everyone was outside I was able to watch a little from the front window and it was so cute. The guy who runs it seems really happy and I had a moment of thinking, "He's living my dream. He plays with horses and makes children happy." He had two teenage girls with him who seemed very good with the ponies and were thrilled when after all the girls had gotten rides, my husband humored the pitbull by taking her out to meet the ponies.

The pitbull is not very smart about horses despite being around them numerous times. She ran up and licked a pony's nose which pissed the pony off. Then she did her puppy jumps and spins in attempts to get them to play but they just looked at her like, "We don't play with predators! Hmmmph!" and went back to eating our grass in the parking strip. Once I took the pitbull out to the rescue farm that I used to volunteer at so she could play with the owner's rottweiler. But she ended up running out into the pasture where the babies were and tried to play with them. There were three out there at the time and they were actually kind of into it, but within about three minutes their mamas saw what was going on and freaked! They came charging at Willow and were spinning and kicking and I'm amazed she was actually able to avoid their flying hooves. Would've served her right to get kicked for not listening to me calling her and not running away from the angry mares, but I'm glad she didn't since the closest vet was 15 miles away.

I would've really like to have talked to the owner of the pony company yesterday and been there to be with the kids when they were brushing the ponies and riding them. Oh well. I'm extremely glad EJ got to have her party despite how sick I was.

I've been watching a lot of tv to get my mind off how miserable I've been. I watched The Electric Horseman which I remember going to see in the theater with my mom as a kid. I'm sure I didn't understand most of the movie at that age but just like when I was a kid I cried when they set Rising Star free to follow the Mustang herd. Of course there were a lot of things that I noticed were not realistic too. For one thing, I'd been taught that you never hold onto the horn on a saddle when you mount a horse, yet the "rodeo star" kept doing that.

Here's a video briefly explaining why you don't mount like that. I like this video because it's the only instructional video I've seen where the horse acts exactly like my horse when I mount. Most horses I see, especially in videos will just stand there as the person mounts but this horse does exactly what mine does - that perpetual dancing and walking off the minute my foot is in the stirrup. I've never seen a hot horse like that used in an instructional video before and it's nice to see. So many people think there is something wrong with my horse for doing that. I've been working with her to get her to not do it so much but it's nice to see an instructor say you need to mount correctly no matter if the horse stands still or walks off.

I also watched a show on hillbillies on the History channel today. There was a really interesting segment on the miners march on Blair Mnt in the 1920's and how a New York journalist coined the term "redneck" from the miners who were protesting dangerous and slave-like work conditions - wearing red bandanas as a sign of unity and to recognize one another.

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  1. I watched Electric Horseman as a girl and loved it.