Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So tired

My daughter was sick for the last six days and it was very stressful. I spent way too much time at home lying in my bed with her watching kid shows on the Disney channel and trying not to worry. She wasn't getting any better yesterday and seemed to be going downhill (she'd had really bad stomach pains the whole time and barely eaten anything) so when I called the doctor's office they said to bring her in for some tests. I was very proud of her that she wasn't scared of the x-rays or getting blood drawn. Apparently, 5-year old kids are very hard to draw blood from. One nurse said she was used to having to draw blood from kids while they hid behind the examining table or under the desk. EJ just held onto her stuffed bunny and closed her eyes really tight when they were about to stick the needle in her vein, then opened them and said, "Oh, that didn't hurt. That looks cool," when the blood started going out into the little tube. All the tests showed she had some sort of infection and lots of inflammation in her tummy, but they didn't know why. They said for me to take her home, watch how she was doing and they'd do a CT scan today if need be.

But this morning she woke up and announced she was hungry, gobbled down breakfast, ran around all day like a stir-crazy 5-year old, by afternoon was eating half the food in the house and singing and dancing all over the place. And bossing me around. Phwew! Back to normal!

Saturday I got a little respite from my constant worry by going out to see Girlfriend for a little bit. I didn't have much time so I just put on her hackamore and went out to the arena to try riding bareback for the second time in over 25 years. Besides that she tries to run off all the time in the arena, she is also very boney so I don't generally ride bareback.

Luckily, my instructor was teaching a lesson in the arena because when I got on Girlfriend I was thinking I didn't want to sit too close to her withers because she's gotten so sway-back but I didn't realize how far back I was sitting on her at first. My instructor yelled, "Move forward or she's going to buck," so Ilana, who was standing in front of me moved away from her. The instructor yelled again, "Move forward or she's going to buck!" which I thought meant "let her walk on" because she doesn't like to stand still. Meanwhile Girlfriend was starting to do some strange little freaked out dance. My instructor yelled my name and I realized, "Maybe she means I should move forward on Girlfriend" so I scooted forward and Girlfriend started to calm down. My instructor said, "You were practically sitting on her croup. You were right where the bucking strap goes. Your horse was just about to go bucking bronco on you." To which she also added, "Don't ride double on her." Good to know.

How I have managed to survive my last 18 months back with horses is beyond me. Had I known Girlfriend was an "experienced rider only" horse back when I hadn't ridden in 25 years and she hadn't been ridden in 3 years I wouldn't have gotten on her. After seeing what she did to Jessie I'm amazed I didn't get hurt riding her at first. Still, I can't imagine a better first horse for me than her. She's so amazingly well trained and sweet and I am learning a lot from her.

I ordered an English saddle off ebay that just got delivered today. It's a Wintec 2000 and only lightly used. It came with stirrup irons and everything for only $335 which is a great deal! I have to get a new gullet for it though because the one it currently has is probably too big for a small horse like Girlfriend. It will be good experience to have change the gullet myself. It's sitting next to the front door right now and smells really good. The cats keep going over and sniffing it and getting these really horrified looks on their faces.

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