Tuesday, February 2, 2010

away we go

We watched a movie called Away We Go about a couple traveling around the country trying to find the perfect place to settle down and call home to raise their child. I feel like doing that sometimes - traveling around until we find the farm I'm looking for with the creek at the back of the property and no serial killers hanging out in the woods. But I think my husband is stuck on staying in the Pacific NW. I'm still trying to figure out a place that we could both enjoy living. Sometimes - like today - it feels like a losing proposition though and that place doesn't actually exist because there just aren't any farms in the city.

On a happier note I got out of the house early enough to go see Girlfriend this morning. We had an ok ride, she was very amped and not wanting to listen to me. I made her trot a lot more than I usually do because I really want her to get back to doing that well. She was getting a lot better than that then Emma June and I both got sick and the few weeks of her not being ridden was a set back for her. I have been letting her roll in the arena after our ride and then run the barrel pattern at top speed for a few minutes which makes her happy. But only if she cooperates during our practice rides.

I took Willow-the-pitbull with me this morning for some company and took her for a walk around the farm. I took her out to the pastures where the horses were turned out because I'm trying to get her used to horses. Right now she gets all riled up like she's just seen the biggest dogs in the world. This morning Tyee (who is just barely over 2 years old and very aggressive and too smart for his own good) saw Willow and came galloping and whinnying across the pasture to stand by the fence and stare at her. At first Willow cowered, then she sidled up to the fence which made Tyee jump and toss his head and whinny again, which made Willow scurry behind me. Then Tyee put his head down over the fence until Willow got up the courage to sneak up to the fence and touch Tyee's nose. Unfortunately, right then, Dallah (the cranky old mare that is obstinate enough to be turned out with Tyee because she'll put him in his place) saw what was going on and let out an angry snort and came tearing over to the fence charging in rage at Willow. Willow ran behind me again, so I turned with my back to the gate to comfort her. Next thing I knew, Tyee was trying to eat my hair. I'm glad that Tyee and Willow might actually be friends. Tyee is a very cool horse. He's part draft horse so he's huge already for a baby and he is very smart. But he is a handful and has only recently stopped trying to bite me when I'm around him.

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