Friday, February 19, 2010

Cowgrrl goes to a trendy bar

A couple old friends had a show at The Crocodile last night for a reunion of their old band. I thought I would go for a few reasons - I enjoy their music and wanted to see the guitar player who I haven't seen in 15 years and I wanted to support them in their getting back to playing music.

Doors opened at 8pm and there were two opening bands so the hubby and I thought if we got there around 9:30 we'd be in time to miss the first band and then bide our time through the second, watch Satchel play and be home to pick up the kid from the babysitter by midnight. Oh ... poor poor middle-aged folks with no clue. We got there at 9:30 and the opening band was nowhere near starting. Had I tried to reach back in my memory to all the shows I went to in my youth I would've realized this would be the case. Anyway, we got there and found a place to sit and we sat and sat and sat. We were able to talk somewhat but it was still pretty loud and hard for me to yell enough to be heard. When the bands started playing it was impossible for me to yell loud enough to be heard. I quickly started to get bored. I wished I had brought my knitting. My husband wished he had brought his book.

Other than the couple people in the band there was no one I knew there until my old friend, Loren showed up. I would've liked to have talked to him more than we did but there was that whole yelling-can't-really-be-heard thing which was frustrating. Hubby and I went outside so we could talk without screaming, then got cold very quickly and went back inside. I wanted to find something to read but all they had was The Stranger newspaper and I won't read that because they are so obnoxious and cooler-than-thou. It was a weird feeling, a sense that I was truly *not* in my element. Even though as a teenager and in my twenties I lived to go to shows and hang out with "cool people". What was I thinking? That was never me.

I did end up talking to lots of strangers to entertain myself. One guy about my age was looking at the photos on the walls of famous rock stars from the 60' and 70's and he couldn't believe that I didn't recognize Neil Young or the Sonics. I told him I may have heard their music but didn't know what they looked like when I was a little kid in the 70's, but I would recognize Shawn Cassidy. He kind of recoiled from me and it was all I could do not to say, "You're kidding, right? You really base my worth on whether or not I know some old rock stars?" I did really enjoy Satchel though. I did not enjoy being bumped around in the crowd and having big drunk, guys step on my feet and not even apologize. Trendy bars just aren't any fun if one doesn't drink (well, they are actually pretty unbearable) and I don't like drinking.

Our daughter spent the evening at my friend, Star's house with her 11 year old and 12 year old daughter's so she was in heaven. She thinks they are so cool. I took them all out to see Girlfriend and the other horses before I took EJ over to their house and on the way home in the car all three of them were singing a Selene Gomez song together. I really wish I'd gotten that on video so that when I need to melt from cuteness I'd have it.

Star's older daughter wasn't ready to ride a horse yet, but her younger daughter rode Oh No (Doc was in a lesson). I was very happy that Sheryl trusts me now enough to let me take Oh No out with the kids. I was concerned that he was going to be a butthead and not go anywhere but he was on incredible behavior yesterday. When Star's daughter got on him he just started walking away. She's just a little girl who hasn't ridden many horses so she was just figuring out how to use the reins, but Oh No actually listened to her and was very compliant. She also seems like a natural in the saddle. I could not for the life of me figure out what was up with him and why he was acting so ... not like Oh No. I think I will try to ride him next time I'm out there and see if he is good like that again or if he was just having some sort of weird day where he wasn't feeling lazy.


  1. Sorry, Julie... i know it was rough...thank u and yours for coming! :)

  2. It was not THAT rough - I just don't fit in with the bar crowd. I had an enormous amount of fun when you guys played :)