Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need to start writing fiction again

I used to write fiction as much as I could in my spare time. It is something that I love to do, but I haven't done it in the last year. There are a lot of reasons such as starting a non-profit and making time to go out and see my horse and being busy with a kid in kindergarten and volunteering at the school once a week along with still working part-time. But part of it too is that I just haven't been motivated.

I have to have the right mojo to write. I can't write just by thinking about it, I need to have the story running in my head like a movie to write it down, and the last year or so my mind has not been in a place where stories run through my head - at least not enough for writing down a fiction story. I think I will try and change that and try to make some specific time for writing because it really does energize me and keep my spirits up. Much like working with horses does.

Hubby and I went out to Girlfriend's stable yesterday to take her some supplements and to go to the feed store to buy chicken feed yesterday. On Thursday I had a lesson with her using Texas's snaffle bit bridle and it went really well. Unfortunately, when I was there yesterday a little boy was riding Texas so I couldn't use her bridle. I ordered a new English bridle from so I'm waiting for that to arrive because Girlfriend did really well in Texas's bridle. Sheryl said she was moving just like an English trained horse which is amazing since all her formal training was Western. But that just shows what an exceptional horse she is.

I used the hackamore and she still did very well keeping her head straight and staying quiet. It was even more impressive because there were four horses in the arena and that always gets her amped up. Especially when it's a lesson and in order for me to do my practice ride I need to keep up with what the other riders are doing so I won't disrupt the class.

The little boy riding Texas was making me nervous for him. He was really small and didn't seem very strong and Texas, although she is a safe horse to ride is kind of stubborn girl and she doesn't like to canter. Sheryl told him to canter with her and Texas went faster and faster at the trot like she does and he was slipping all over the place in that English saddle and he looked so little and frail that I had to remind myself that Sheryl wouldn't have him riding Texas if he wasn't able to. He never did fall off, but I realized I am going to be just like my mom was when I was little and riding - far more upset when Emma June falls up than she will probably be.

Although Emma June already has a pretty good seat after 18 months of being led on leadline rides with Girlfriend and practicing things like riding without hands and riding backwards and turning around in the saddle. Plus, she's pretty strong and a couple of the kids who take lessons with Sheryl have definitely spent most of their time on the couch so they don't have quite as good of a seat. This will be good for them but as a parent it's hard to watch them and not worry they're going to slide right off that saddle and go thunk whenever the horse does a rough transition from trot to canter.

I finally am not worrying so much every time I get on Girlfriend that I'm going to fall off. And I'm starting to feel more like if I fall off it won't be so horrible. I try to remember all the times I fell off horses as a kid and how it wasn't such a big deal, but then I wasn't all flared up from arthritis back then either. At least I'm not thinking about it every time I get on her anymore.

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