Thursday, February 4, 2010

mild winter

Our winter here in the Pacific NW has been super mild this year. Some of the bulbs started sprouting a couple weeks ago and there are even some crocuses up. I am already getting in the mood to start my spring gardening. I think I can probably start planting my starts soon although I have a couple more months before I can safely plant any vegies outside and miss any unexpected frosts.

Yesterday I went for a walk with some old friends about 5 miles around the neighborhood. One of my friends is a landscaper so she was talking all about plants that we were passing in people's gardens. I can only aspire to know so much about plants! This year I am going to pay a lot more attention to my soil in the vegetable garden. I'm starting to find soil interesting the same way compost is interesting. That said, I am going to order a compost thermometer as soon as I finish this post so that I can start really watching our chicken manure compost bin and make sure it gets hot enough to burn off the harmful bacteria, but not so hot it ends up killing off all the beneficial nitrogen from the chicken poop. Geez. So much to learn!

So, either Alina or Woodia-the-cross-beak (whoever was laying the green egg) has stopped laying eggs now that Janey has started laying her brown speckled eggs. I imagine they will be on a more consistent schedule of laying eggs once spring actually comes, but I can't help but wonder what's going on with that. Do they have some kind of pact that only one has to lay eggs at a time so that we don't eat them therefore getting to be lazy to a certain point, but not to the point where we declare them free-loaders and make pot pie with them?

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