Monday, February 22, 2010

tricks of light

Yesterday was lovely. We went to Bainbridge Island to visit some friends and played down at the beach at Ford Ward State Park. There's a lovely area for beginners like me to take the kayak out. I think that I will try kayak fishing in that little inlet this summer. Our friend, Alex is very interested in going with me, which is good because my husband is not at all interested in kayaking (unless we were in the Atlantic Ocean in August). I never thought I was a boat person - in fact I always thought I got seasick - but then last summer when I went kayaking that kind of got me hooked a little bit. Then when my mom and I took my daughter out in a rowboat on the Puget Sound and it was a bit rocky and I said, "Oh, this might bother me," and my mom asked, "When did you start getting seasick?" and I said, "I always have - haven't I?" and she said, "No, you never did as a kid." Hmmm ... I really don't know where I got that idea. I do know that I get sick to my stomach watching films with "jiggly cam" but that's not really a seasick motion it's more of a can't quite focus because everything keeps shaking and spinning motion. I'm not ready to go out on a little fishing boat in rough waters, but I think I need to start trying out being on boats more often now that I apparently have never actually been seasick.

I do like going out on the ferry. I like the smell of the salt water and the sound of the waves. The smell of the salt water is very much like the smell of my childhood since I grew up two blocks from the Puget Sound. Just like the sound of seagulls and airplanes is the sound of my childhood (we were in the SeaTac flight path).

There are some super nice, affordable houses down on the south end of Bainbridge that I was drooling over yesterday. One of them is so close to Alex and Dawn's house that as Alex said, "I could just open the window and throw you the sugar". I'm not sure if I want to live on an island though because I'd have to take the ferry to go see my rheumatologist because there are apparently none on the island. And Amazon Fresh doesn't deliver there. God, that is pathetic isn't it? Here part of me wants to live off-grid and part of me wants to live in the delivery area for Amazon Fresh. That's the other thing is the houses are so modern even down to propane fireplaces. I'd rather have a wood burning stove. I guess you could add solar panels to any house though no matter when it was built. Plus, I have heard so much about how Bainbridge has gone super-yuppie so I'm not sure how the neighbors would feel about chickens and composting and all that next to them. Unless I could convince them I am a great science resource for their young children. Hmmm ... there's an angle ...

My husband took this photo at the beach yesterday of our daughter and her "true love prince". You can't really see it but she's wearing her fancy dress (to impress him) and her rain boots (to stomp in mud!). She's a well-rounded girl. I'm proud of her. I love how the sunlight makes stars in this photo. On the ferry back to Seattle in the late afternoon my husband and I were commenting on the bright spots in the water where the sun was reflecting off the large glass windows of buildings on Alki and how it looked like spots of sun coming through cloud breaks even though there were no clouds in the sky. I wish we'd had the camera out for that.

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