Wednesday, March 3, 2010

completely random

There is a lot of gossip in my neighborhood and around my daughter's grade school. Some of it is literally getting to the point of a witch hunt and the person in question in this witch hunt is black. Part of why my husband and I are so hesitant to chuck it all and live in the wilds of Okanogon County (for instance) is the lack of supposedly educated, sane individuals devoid of all those "isms" you hope won't be so common in the big city. So, this is showing me that no matter where you go people will be people - educated or not. The fucked up ones will be fucked up even with a PhD. Of course, I'm still not ready to run off to Tonasket because they don't have a big library or events like Dr Sketchy's within easy driving distance. Or Amazon Fresh. Ok, I really can live without Amazon Fresh. It's just a little phase I've been going through the last couple months. I swear.

Our chickens are popping out a couple eggs a day which is more than we eat so I've been giving some to one of the moms from our school who really wants chickens but doesn't have a yard, and all her kids love eggs. So, it's an extra treat for them to get to have green and brown speckled eggs. That's fun to be able to do stuff like that for my neighbors. Yet another reason why I like having chickens. Besides all the other reasons like they are funny, they are a great at-home-natural-science lesson for my daughter and I love the fresh eggs too.

My husband has said that the two places he'd possibly ok moving are Bainbridge and Bothell. I'm hesitant about Bainbridge because of having to take the ferry to get into the city for stuff like doctor appointments with my specialist every month of so. Although my work is literally two blocks at most from the ferry terminal so that is very cool. But also it sounds like horse boarding is expensive over there as are lessons and I really like where I'm taking lessons and boarding my horse right now.

I'm hesitant to give that up. Bothell on the other hand is presenting a more interesting problem I did not expect to run into. Most of the houses in our price range that we actually like (that aren't dinky, old ramblers from the 60's or those ugly 1970's split levels) are in "planned neighborhoods" with Home Owner's Associations and NONE of them allow chickens. Quite a few of them actually don't have any breed restrictions like say Issaquah Highlands which has a "no pitbulls" rule. But on a side note, my friend, Brian lives there and has a pitbull and just maintains that his dog is not a pitbull. It's a stupid rule anyway since his dog (and my dog) are very sweet. I'd rather my neighbor had a sweet pitbull than a vicious lab. Maybe a "no dangerous dogs" rule would be better? But that wouldn't fit the propaganda so no, it wouldn't be better. Ahem ... I am digressing again.

Anyway, Spring is coming and even living in the city in Spring is nice. My latest quandry though is that we don't have trees that are big enough and strong enough to hold a tire swing. People litter a lot in our neighborhood (well, I think they do in all neighborhoods probably) and yesterday on our way home from school we passed a couple tires thrown on the side of the road. So, I picked up the intact one and hauled it home to make a tire swing out of. Although, I'm having trouble finding a tree that can hold it. I have one that *might* work. We'll see. But I am missing the days of living in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in where there were woods right next to my house, so all sorts of trees for the taking for hanging a tire swing. We even had so many trees in my backyard that I had an actual tree house and a tire swing.

I've got my vegetable starts planted and sitting in the dining room window to get Eastern sun and it's about time to start planning where I'll put each vegetable depending on the amount of sunshine the areas get.

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  1. Eggs are cool! I am planting a whole thing of strawberries so come summer I will have to do some bartering with you.... yum.