Tuesday, March 30, 2010

an expensive new hobby

We're in Arizona for the week. It was about 90 degrees today which is a pleasant change. I skipped going to the pool and instead went to try my hand at wood carving. At first when my dad handed me a chunk of alder wood with lines drawn on it and a picture of a bear I chickened out and said I wasn't going to be able to do it because I'm genetically "not crafty". But I figured I'd go and give it a shot since I did now have a piece of wood and a picture of a bear and why let it go to waste?

It turns out that there are all sorts of really cool little power tools that one gets to use in wood carving. We're doing the power-tool/sanding type carving as opposed to knife carving. I spent a couple hours with a dust mask on and these cool little power sanders and tiny whirling spiked balls that looked like torture devices for mice. After I had worked on my bear for a couple hours my dad said it was time to go and I was not at all ready to quit! I think I'm going to take a class this summer and keep it up.

I've been seeing a lot of cool birds down here. My favorites are the Grackle and these tiny little pheasants that scurry around everywhere. There are also a lot of wild rabbits, house finches, mourning doves and woodpeckers. There are some strange insects too although thankfully I have not run across a tarantula (shudder).

I like waking up in the morning, opening our hotel bedroom door to our balcony and seeing these rolling brown hills in the distance and jack rabbits running across the gold course and grackles making their weird noises in the palm trees. Very nice. Of course this lifestyle is only lasting five days then it's back to the same old grind - get up, get the girl to school (in the rain or overcast chill) and do work. I wouldn't mind retiring but then I guess everyone feels that way so it's not like some big revelation.

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