Thursday, March 4, 2010


Even though we may not find our right house outside the city to move to, I figure we might as well get our house *ready* to sell just in case. And cause it might be nice to live in a house nice enough you could put it on the market.

So, besides my vegetable garden that means I need to clean up all my flower beds which has been taking years because I haven't wanted to spend a chunk of money replacing plants. There were lots of flower beds when we moved in 10 years and they were pretty messy. I finally just broke down and bought a bunch of new plants. I've bought a few here and there over the years and some have lived and thrived and others haven't done so well. Part of the problem with the beds that are near the sidewalk are the dogs who pee on all the new plants and kill them with the acidity of the dog pee before they are established and strong enough to handle it.

I'll have to look at the names of the plants again and write them down because I still don't know my plants well enough to just say what they were off the top of my head. Except the ferns. We'll see if I can keep the ferns alive this time.

(later) I started this post this morning then had to go out and plant my new blueberry bushes and strawberry starts before heading out for the day.

I ordered a really nice (but inexpensive) black braided English bridle with a light split snaffle for Girlfriend and it came earlier in the week. I took it to the stable today to try out on Girlfriend and she looks sooooooo pretty in it! The black against her pretty slightly reddish brown fur looks wonderful. She definitely did not want to put the bit in her mouth at first and did a lot of pushing it around in her mouth while we were riding, but I think that's just because it's brand new. It's the same as Texas's bit but it's brand new so it hasn't rusted and started tasting sweeter. Imagine having a piece of clean, cold metal in your mouth? I kept telling her this is going to be her worst ride with the bit and it will start tasting better.

She did ok. She was all riled up and was irritated by the bit but she did better than I think a lot of horses would've done with a brand new bit and bridle. I really need to get a picture of her in it because she looks so good!

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