Thursday, March 11, 2010

one sick chicken

So, Woodia has something wrong with her. The other day I noticed that she was limping and that one of her legs was very swollen and hot. After not finding a chicken vet in Seattle I asked Sheryl who gave her to me where to find a chicken vet. She called her friend, Cindy and I explained what was going on and Cindy seemed to think what I thought - that Woodia has an infection in the joint. So, a couple days ago I started giving her antibiotics but so far they haven't really taken effect yet. Woodia is still hopping around, although now she's not putting any weight at all on her leg. I feel really bad for her because she was dealt such a bad hand physically to begin with. We'll see if she's doing any better in a couple days. It may be broken if the antibiotics don't help which just means it will have to heal on its own I guess. But at least the antibiotics will keep any infection from growing.

Giving pills to a chicken is a total non-event I've found. Much easier than giving pills to a cat. Actually giving medicine to a horse is easier than giving pills to a cat. Or a terrified pitbull.

There's a house in the woods in Bothell that we're going to walk through this weekend with our real estate agent. It's very woodsy property so at least for now it would not work for keeping a horse there although someday in the future we might clear some space and put in a small barn. But I like that it's so wild and woodsy. The property across the street has huge power lines though and we need to do a little research on whether or not that is a problem. I have heard all the conspiracy theories: that living under those giant powerlines can cause cancer, neurological problems, anxiety disorders, autoimmune disorders and turn people into werewolves. But I don't know if there is any credible science behind it. Honestly, to me the biggest issue with giant power lines on one's property would be the fear that during a giant earthquake or a windstorm they're going to come down on your house. But these are not on the property so that is not an issue.

I will report back as to whether or not having large powerlines across the street would potential turn us into candidates for the X-Men after I do more research.

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