Friday, March 19, 2010

seedling anxiety

I planted some vegetable starts about two weeks ago in some tiny little peet pots and have been watching them way too closely ever since. Both types of tomatoes sprouted within the first week but none of the peppers - bell or jalepeno are sprouting yet. I'm wondering if they're going to? EJ got a valentine from her friend, Jimena that had a little piece of paper with seeds embedded in it so we planted those and they are sprouting like crazy. I'm curious to see what they are because I can't identify them yet from their sprouts. I also planted flower seed starts a few days ago: some sort of daisy, straw flowers, forget-me-nots and snap dragons. I've heard it's time to get our peas in the ground but we are occasionally still getting night time frosts so I need to look that up. And I need to weed the vegetable garden to be able to put the peas in. And pick up the chicken poop (the chickens have been free-ranging in the backyard and straight poop is too high in nitrogen and will burn the plant starts) and make a barricade so the chickens won't go in and eat my vegie starts.

Woodia is actually getting better! She's finished with her antibiotics and she looks a lot happier and is putting a little more weight on her leg. At first she was just putting it down to steady her balance and she had her toes all curled up. Then she was uncurling her toes when she used it for balance but still leaving the toes very limp when she picked them up, but now today she's actually putting a little weight on the foot with the toes completely out and not curling them again as soon as she picks up her foot.

It turns out she is not laying eggs, it was Alina who started laying the green eggs. Alina is definitely a red sexlink, but apparently somewhere in her lineage is an Easter Egger. I don't think Woodia is going to be able to lay eggs because her body was born so deformed and she is so tiny from not being able to eat sufficiently. Who knows though. Maybe come Spring she will. Still, I feel responsible for her because she was dealt such a raw hand with all her physical deformities.

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