Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sun sun and more sun

It's actually been sunny and mildly warm in Seattle the last week or so. I've been getting a lot of yard work done, part of the motivation being that I want our house to be ready to put on the market if we find a house we want to move to. And because it would be a novel thing to have a house that was actually not kind of messy and ramshackle.

So, I still have not figured out a way for us to move to a farm (meaning we'd have to move somewhere at least an hour outside of downtown Seattle where we both work) but we are now talking about moving to ... wait for it ... the suburbs. Oh my god, did she really say that? Yes, we're thinking of moving to the suburbs. But not the suburbs as most imagine it with the cookie cutter houses. We're looking at a house in a city next door to Seattle (ie: the suburbs) but it's in a very woodsy area with a salmon creek running through the yard and huge old evergreens surrounding it. So, it feels like it is in the woods even though it's only a half hour from downtown. And it's close to the place where I board my horse so it'll be easier to see her more frequently. So that kind of area is our compromise and I think I might be ok with it.

There's still room for chickens and a big vegetable garden. Possibly solar panels in the future if the evergreens don't block all the sun. Need to research more on that still. Not that we're buying this house, it just looks very interesting. But any house I want to eventually look at supplementing our power with solar panels and how that works. We have some friends who live on Marrowstone Island who power their house solely by solar panels and I need to go out there this summer and learn more about it.

Woodia is still not putting any weight on her bad leg although the joint isn't as hot as it used to be. I'm wondering if her toe is injured because she got her foot caught in the coop door the other day? That would just suck for her. I'm letting them free-range because I decided to take a day off from everything and stay home all day and work in the yard. I had a bad week or so with some high-school drama on the periphery of my life that final came to end last night and I feel very tired and a bit beaten up. So today is my "take good care of myself" day. And nothing helps for that like working in the garden.

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