Saturday, March 13, 2010

update on high voltage gamma ray lines

I've been attempting to research the health effects of high voltage power lines on people and animals because of a house we are interested in in Bothell that is across the street from some. So far I have nothing conclusive. There just isn't any scientific data on what high levels of EMF do to the body. Although, it has got me thinking about getting one of those protective pads they put over you when you get x-rays to have on my lap between my legs and my laptop (since a bad habit of mine is to slump on the couch with my laptop on my lap). Ok, maybe I'm not really going to freak out enough to do that but I tell ya, a little knowledge can cause a lot of paranoia.

So far from what I understand, EMF (electro-magnetic fields) dissipate at a fairly rapid rate as you get farther from the source. So you only need to be 300 feet away from those giant towers with the high voltage power lines for the EMF levels to be background (the same as household appliances or this laptop I've got sitting on my lap ... man, I can feel myself getting infertile as we speak ... ahem ...) Anyway. I'm not sure if these power lines are 300 feet away from the house I like so another option is to find a gadget that will measure EMF fields. So far I haven't found anyone that happens to have one of those lying around their house but I'm still looking.

As for whether or not high levels of EMF are dangerous or not, there are not definitive scientific studies to show either way. There are studies that show there is a possibility but that's about as scientific as saying "there is a possibility that walking on grass in bare feet causes skin cancer" - meaning, it really says nothing scientifically. But there are also no tests that show conclusively that it does not cause problems. And when you think about how much energy our bodies are made of (granted it's ionic not electro-magnetic) it does make you wonder if on some level large EMF field could be damaging.

So, basically, I have no more information than when I started. Well, except that if the property I like is 300 feet or more away than it is a moot point.

Meanwhile, Woodia has been taking antibiotics for the last few days and her leg is not at all better. I'm wondering now if it is not an infection in the joint afterall but is a sprain or break? Regardless, the antibiotics will help ward off an infection if it is a break. It's just hard not to feel bad for her. I know she's only a chicken and probably not sentient like humans (or even dogs) but I'm such a damn human that I can't help but project onto her that she is getting depressed about only having one workable foot (which is deformed to start).

Last night I had a friend over to hang out and watch movies because I'd had a terrible day and JP was out so I wanted some emotional support. We ended up lying in bed watching Long Way Down about two guys riding their motorcycles across Africa. In one scene they were riding with a Kenyan security team and at dinner the Kenyan guys went and pulled a live goat out of their truck, slit its throat, skinned it right there and had goat for dinner. They didn't show them killing it but both my friend and I were cringing while they were skinning it but we were both saying, "This is how we get our meat, though." It was yet another reminder of how out of touch our culture is in so many ways. And I wonder if these Kenyan guys are so much healthier than we are because it's totally normal to kill a goat and eat it right there on the spot as opposed to meat in a shrink-wrapped container that's been frozen for who knows how long. I don't know if I could kill a goat though. They remind me too much of dogs.

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