Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bunnies and well ... chickens

I work a couple days a month still for one of my clients I had before I shut down my freelance business, and he just got a couple bunnies for his daughters recently. They are Holland Lops and they are extremely cute. It was making me want to get bunnies except that our little city home has reached saturation point for pets.

Meanwhile, Woodia the special needs chicken is actually getting better again. A few weeks ago I gave her six days of antibiotics and her swollen leg started to get better, then gradually got worse again. Now that she's in the middle of 10 days of antibiotics she's getting better again. She's gone from not putting any weight on it at all to limping around on it. All around she is looking better so whatever it is is definitely a bacterial infection in the joint. And hopefully it is not contagious - although I think the other chickens would be showing signs of it by now if it was.

We found a house in a neighboring suburb that we like. The suburb is called Lake Forest Park and it really is kind of like living in a forest. We still wouldn't have a farm, but we'd have a much bigger yard (over twice as big) and be surrounded by trees and have access to a private beach in walking distance (easy kayak access!). But we need to research the area more. I wish it was appropriate to go take some donuts to the neighbors on either side of the house and invite ourselves in for coffee and get to know them to know if we want to live next to them.

I'm more interested in Bothell because I know people who live there and I know more about the schools and the area but so far we haven't found the right house there.

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