Saturday, April 24, 2010


A couple days ago when I went to the stable to see my horse, Cindy, the chicken vet for my instructor was visiting. I told her all about Woodia and his odd issues and asked how I could tell if he was a rooster. She said that with Americauna's it's as simple as "What color is his comb?" I said it is fire engine red and she said, "Yep, he's a rooster. A lame, cross-beak rooster. Sounds like a soup chicken to me!"

Although, honestly, after two rounds of antibiotics and all his health problems I don't even want to feed him to my dog. Plus, I've become kind of attached to him because he is my special needs chicken. I've put effort into keeping him alive for the last few months so it would feel really weird to turn around and kill him. Unless he was unable to survive on his own. Which is is perfectly happy except that he is probably not mating with the hens because he has a bum leg and can't catch them let alone jump on their backs and peck them in the neck with his cross beak.

My daughter had a sleepover last night - or at least half of the night that turned into a fiasco for me so I am exhausted today. Her friend was very scared and didn't really go to bed until 10:30 or 11pm. Then I had trouble sleeping and her friend woke up and wanted to go home at 4:30am. I've been a little out of it all day and luckily had nothing I had to do so there was lots of lounging.

The other day I was bemoaning that I don't see how I will ever get to have a job working with horses. I had applied for a job as a working student for a dressage trainer and had a phone interview then was to go out and meet with her but I decided there was no way I could commute to Monroe every day. And I think it was way out of my league. I was feeling really frustrated that I would never find anything I could do that would be working with horses and my friend Lisa told me about an organization that you can become certified as a riding instructor and that her friend who owns a horse farm where little kids take lessons and go to camp (and my daughter is going to camp there this summer) will be looking for new instructors come fall. So, I'm excited that I now have an actual attainable goal to work toward where not only could I work with horses but also with little kids - another thing I have a lot of experience with and am good at. It is such an awesome idea and I would've thought of it myself if I had the confidence that I could teach beginning riding to young children. We'll see after I look into what it takes to get certified but with my years of English lessons as a kid and my almost two years now as an adult surely I could be certified on a very basic beginner level. So, yay Lisa!

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