Saturday, May 15, 2010

altnernate forms of energy

I am still stuck on this hope that solar panels would somehow be a viable option for us sometime in the future when we move out of the city. Even if we're just living in a rural-ish suburb area, we could still do a lot of alternative energy stuff. But now as I've been reading more about solar panels as an electrical source, I'm wondering if it would be worth the cost and trouble in this area?

I imagine I should look at the idea of wind energy also. Although, I vaguely remember hearing on some show on NPR that wind energy from an individual home's windmill would not be very effective either.

Meanwhile, I've been going through a kind of "I'm tired of the chickens" phase. Mostly I'm tired of them pooping every two seconds. So, I guess I'm in a tired of the chicken's poop phase. I also don't know if I've just been hungry a lot or what my problem is, but lately I've been looking at really big, pretty chickens (including my own) and thinking, "Yuuuuum!" For the record, I never think that when looking at my dogs, cats or horse.

My plant starts are just pathetic right now. My friend, Beth planted hers at the same time and used a sun lamp and now hers are way healthier than mine and already big enough to transplant outside. I had mine in the window, but I'm thinking now that next Spring I will invest in a sun lamp. My peas are sprouting in the garden though and my strawberries seem to be doing well and are magically not getting eaten by slugs (which could be due to the chickens viewing slugs as a delicacy).

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