Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my dog is part naked mole rat

Beside not having much fur, my pitbull also likes to burrow under things to sleep; blankets, clothes, couch cushions, my legs. Thus I have decided that no only is she part pachycephalasaurus, she is also part naked mole rat.

I had an ok day today. It could've been better for a couple reasons. The first is that I hurt myself on the steering wheel of my car in a bizarre move. I was parallel parking with a bunch of kids playing basketball in the street, and I was very hungry and tired and worried about running into them, when I took one hand off the steering wheel (to scratch my nose? I can't remember why) and when I went to grab it again for some reason my hand was just off to the side and I slammed my thumb nail into the steering wheel so hard that it ripped off its base a little bit at the top and bent straight up off my thumb. It didn't hurt very much at first, but when I looked at it and saw my thumb nail folded up and sticking straight up off the middle of my thumb I felt a rush of horror and "that is so not right!" and pushed it back down the way it should be. Then it started bleeding and hurting a little bit.

By the time I had the car parked and had walked into my friend's house to pick up my daughter I was jumping up and down in pain and begging for an ice pack. I ended up driving home as best I could with just one hand and had the other hand in my lap in the ice pack.

The irony is I had just come from a riding lesson that you would think would've been more dangerous than parallel parking my car on a residential side street. Sigh.

My mom and I took back to back riding lessons this afternoon which was really run. This was my mom's second lesson ever and I think she did pretty well. She's really enjoying it and I wonder why she didn't take riding lessons too when I was taking them as a kid. She just says "things were different then" or what I interpret it as, "Moms in the 70's were expected not to have fun and just always be taking care of someone."

I rode Sheryl's horse Penny again because I want to work on my posture and position and riding a horse who is not wild like my horse. I get a lot more accomplished in my lessons on horses who are trained in dressage instead of gaming, but then I get on my horse and she does much better as a dressage horse. So, that's cool. We worked on trotting without stirrups and leg yields without stirrups again. We also worked on my cantering on a horse who isn't wild and that's such a learning curve for me. I did better this week getting Penny to canter, but I'm so used to holding Girlfriend back and not using any leg that it's very hard for me to keep Penny cantering. Although, I did better today and kept her going longer than I had before.

I'm actually surprised I did well in my lesson because right before it started three people showed up at the arena door. Sheryl explained that they had called her and asked if they could spend time with some horses - grooming them and just being with them. They were down from Alaska because the youngest daughter was getting chemotherapy for a brain tumor. She was probably mid-teens and the sister was late teens and the mom about my age. Sheryl interrupted our lesson to go talk to them and I rode Penny over to say hi to them. The little girl with cancer had a knit hat on and gloves and a heavy coat and looked frail and had trouble with her balance. I told them a little about Penny and Girlfriend and then Sheryl took them to find a horse to groom and I turned Penny around to do more warm-up riding and all the sudden I thought, "She's going to die soon," and I started crying really hard. She just reminded me so much of Terrill when she was sick and I remember how I did not want to believe that she would die and I held on to such hope that she would beat the cancer. And I could tell that's where the sister and mom were at and I felt totally ripped apart inside because I remember having so much hope and how it was all shattered the day when Terrill said she was going to give up and die and hearing the news a couple weeks later on July 4th of last year that she had died.

Luckily my mom came in while I was sitting on Penny bawling my head off and gave me some kleenex and talked to me for a minute. Then I said I wanted to pull myself back together because I thought sticking to my lesson would be good for me and I didn't want that family to see me crying and think they'd had anything to do with it. And as it was taking my riding lesson did make me feel better.

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  1. I vote for your next breed being a Thoroughbred..look at how unhot Sarge is and at one point he was on the track..