Monday, June 14, 2010

Cat in the chicken coop!

I passed by the back window this morning and noticed that Woodia seemed a lot bigger sitting next to the food dish in the chicken coop. I did a double take and realized it was a huge gray cat! Grrrr ... So, we let the pitbull outside to chase him away but th pitbull had been fast asleep under our blankets in our bed and was protesting being put outside and didn't even see the cat. Luckily, the cat saw the pitbull and ran away.

It's interesting how difficult domestic animals can be. Our dog pees all around the chicken coop and run so we can leave the chickens out all day and the raccoons never come in our yard. I know they're usually sleeping, but urban raccoons will wake up for some easy, gourmet food like urban chickens. As was pointed out last year in one of the first posts in this blog when the riff raff appeared within two hours of bringing home the chickens.

But domestic cats could care less about dogs marking their territory. We have two that just swagger in and stalk the chickens. So far they haven't actually tried to kill the chickens and because they are domestic cats I'm not sure they even could. I know Christmas Kitten tried to pounce on one when she first came here and the chicken squawked really loud and puffed itself up and the kitten freaked out and ran inside shaking. Still, it's interesting the extreme difference in behavior between domestic animals and feral animals. It's as if the domestic cats have lots all sense of natural instinct. Much like humans ... hmmmm ...

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