Sunday, June 27, 2010

recuperating in the san juans

We came out to one of our favorite places in the San Juans for a long weekend which is much needed after my month of being sick and my husband hurting his back. He was pretty cranky by the time we got here Friday evening because sitting in the car made his back worse, but everyone is a lot more relaxed today.

The pitbull is still asleep on the couch this morning after her first hoorah here. It's a very rustic neighborhood with old fishing cabins interspersed between million-dollar vacation homes. But ever the people in their vacation homes glide by in their kayaks first thing in the morning and open their doors to let their dogs run wild all over the island.

When we got here on Friday there were some teenagers playing croquet in the field by our cabin and the pitbull got out of the car and started running in circles in the field like a mad dog and they all started laughing. I was worried at first and calling to her because if she did that in Seattle there would be hell to pay but the teens were laughing and yelling, "Willow? What a cute name! What a cute dog!" Then she found some other dogs who were wandering around and they played. In the morning we let her out and she ran and ran, then I threw balls for her into the Puget Sound and she swam around catching them and bringing in big cords of kelp. Unfortunately, she also ran so hard on the rocks that she cut up the pads on her feet a little bit. By afternoon she was flopped on her side on the grass and when a dog would run over to her to play she'd lift her head, or maybe even try to stand up, but then she'd fall back over and go back to sleep. By evening she was so stiff and sore she was waddling when she went out for last pee.

I took my daughter out in a kayak for the first time. She really liked it for a few minutes then she saw the new friends on the beach - ones who were staying down the way in another cabin - and decided she was "bored" and wanted to go play with them instead. I was really happy that she liked it at first though.

There are a lot of insects in our cabin. OK, maybe not a lot but more than I am comfortable with. Quite a few carpenter ants (the giant black ones) and some spiders. The first night I lied down to read my book in bed and saw something out of the corner of my eye and it was a big black bug stomping across my pillow toward my head. I saw up and saw it was a spider and that made me jump right out of bed. Last night there was a huge wolf spider on the wall next to the bed and after he killed it I said to my husband, "What if he had friends?" and my husband said, "These guys like to work alone," and I said, "You're just saying that," and my husband said, "No, they really do." And the couple times I woke up in the night I kept imagining I felt things crawl across my head. Of course at 4am I really did feel a pitbull jump on me to which I sleepily muttered, "Why is Willow jumping on us?" and my husband muttered, "Why does Willow do anything?" And we had to put our duffel bags against our bedroom door to keep her out.

There is also a pretty orange moth in the corner of the windowsill in the main room and it is surrounded by tiny, bright green pellets. Must look up what those are.

Lots of families were here yesterday so our daughter had lots of kids to run wild with. And that's pretty much what they did. I talked to one mom who has a 3 year old with Type I diabetes and celiac disease. He has to have an insulin pump permanently hooked up to him and she needs to wake up twice every night to check his blood sugar. I started thinking about how that might be harder to have a child with an autoimmune disease than to have one yourself. And she's probably lost a few friends in the last three years by disappointing them and not being there for them as much as they want too. I hope not - I hope she has friends that will stick by her and understand, but it made me feel better that I'm not the only one that struggles to function in a society that expects high performance and normalcy otherwise it expects you to be forgotten.

My daughter's first time in a kayak!

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