Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sittin' in limbo

I just thought of that phrase then remembered a song I don't think I've heard in twenty years. That brings back some memories.

We're in limbo regarding the house we want to buy because we have to wait for lots of paperwork, "what will the bank say" type of stuff. But in case it all works out I'm continuing to research the area and the schools and where my daughter can take ballet and piano lessons and all that. I had a two day break from being super excited about all this because I caught a stomach bug that was going around my daughter's school and didn't feel well enough to feel much of anything except angst.

Being that sick is historically very hard for me because my normal state of being for so many years has been to be constantly moving and doing stuff. I've had problems with insomnia for most of my adult life and I'm trying to change that but it is slow going. The last couple days I actually did better just lying in bed not forcing myself to get up and "do chores" even though I was too sick to do that. I think I may have actually started to get over that hump and get to the point where I can actually spend a little time "not doing anything". That may not sound like an accomplish to anyone else but it is to me.

One of the things I thought about while lying still enough to hopefully lessen nausea was: how are we going to move the chicken coop and run without sending the chickens somewhere else for a couple days? There are not only raccoons at the new place but hawks, eagles and coyotes so we'll have to reconstruct a chicken Alcatraz all over again - digging a couple feet down under the run and filling it in with rocks and making sure all the walls and ceilings of chicken wire are secured. I'm wondering if I measure before hand I can dig the trenches for the run walls one day and then get it moved and put up the next day and then we won't have to farm the chickens out somewhere.

We're going out to the house on Monday for the official inspection and I am going to take the time to go down the paths in the woods to see where they go. I tried checking it out with the bird's eye view on google maps but there were too many trees (which is a good thing). I wonder if there are deer in the woods? I would love to have deer-proofing my garden be one of my problems in life. Yes, I know, in a year from now when I'm so irritated by the deer eating my plants I will look back on this blog entry and scoff - but for now it sounds like a lovely problem!

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