Thursday, July 29, 2010

Holy yikes, Batman!

We actually heard back from the bank that owns the house we are trying to buy in Woodinville. They sent us a counter-offer to our offer and we sent them back a counter-offer to their counter-offer. Now we wait again. On top of that, the previous owner is apparently renting the house out again which causes more issues because we don't know if the renter will be out by the time we close, which is necessary so we could get our house on the market. And so the many complications go with a short sale. Long gone are the days where you say "Hey, I'll buy your house for x-amount," and the other person says, "Sounds good!" He takes the money, gives us the keys and we're good to go. Nope. now we have to have agents and negotiators and go through lots of waiting and paper-work and more waiting and more waiting. Who knows at this point if we'll end up buying this house or not. I'm trying to be very Zen and telling myself that it will work out if it's meant to and if it doesn't we'll find a better house for us.

Meanwhile, the reality is hitting me that we'll have to try to sell our house if we do get this house. And that is a terrifying concept. How we are going to get our house to look like we haven't lived in it for 10 years - with small children, cats, dogs and chickens running amuk - it is beyond my imagination.

Woodia the rooster is now happily settled with Marsha the wildlife rescuer who lives across the street from the stable where I keep my horse. In that area across the street though means you have to walk quite a ways to get to her house - all the way over the bridge over Bear Creek, then around the barn managers house and through the pastures. So, it's still kind of a ways away. But she said Woodia is very happy there palling around with her old, blind rooster, a bunch of baby possums, some geese, some injured barn owls and an injured bald eagle.

I had the vet out to check my horses teeth today and they didn't need to be worked on, so since I saved money on that and my poor old horse has been having lots of stiffness, the vet did a chiropractic adjustment. I've never seen a horse get a chiropractic adjustment before and it was definitely interesting. The jury is out in my head on whether or not chiropractic works. I actually had some gentle chiropractic done on my bad wrist and it seemed to help a lot. But then I've had friends who would go and basically get their neck cracked for hundreds of dollars and it didn't seem to do any good. I guess like all body work there are good chiropractors and bad chiropractors. I've heard people say it will cure all ills but I don't believe that at all. But Girlfriend definitely looked more comfortable after her adjustment. Although after the first adjustment she put her ears back and looked at the vet like she was evil. But a couple neck adjustments seemed to really loosen something up, and then part way through she moved her legs a little and I heard this long, rippling crack go across her sternum and she dropped her head a little and let out a big, happy sigh. I'm hoping she'll be more comfortable when I ride her in our first dressage show in two weeks.

She seemed pretty comfortable when I let her and Ziggy out in the pasture together. They both took off galloping around the pasture and kicking up their back legs and bouncing around. I really need to take a video of that one of these days.

Since she's supposed to get 24 hours off after an adjustment, I rode Sheryl's horse, Penny for my practice. Penny is quite a bit bigger than Girl which made me pretty sore by the end of my ride because I'm riding a much thicker, taller horse and using my muscles a little differently. But I'm getting better at cantering with her. I just feel so much more like a beginner when I'm riding her because I'm not used to riding a horse I need to give so many firm "loud" signals too, when with Girl everything is so quiet and "whispered". So, the first time I asked her to canter she ran away at the trot and then cut her corner on the circle quite a bit. The second time was better and the third time she cantered right away on my first single. So that was cool!

Day after tomorrow I am going to my 25th high school reunion. I was just going through the list online of people who are going and one woman will be there who bullied me quite a bit in grade school. My visceral reaction was to recoil emotionally and think, "Crap! I don't want to go if she's there!" So, I guess this will be a good, growing-up experience for me. If she *still* acts like a bully in her 40's then I will just have to be amused. And kick her ass. Ahem. I mean ignore her. Although I'm going to think positive that she is not still a little snot like thirty years ago. It's amazing how thirty years can just melt away and suddenly I'm feeling the same way I did as a little kid just by mention of someone potentially being in the same place as me.

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