Monday, July 19, 2010

whether or not we could pull it off ...

Last week the girl went to pony camp out in Redmond at a place that is right next door to an organic farm. The camp itself was a little remedial for my daughter's riding ability in that she has ridden a full-size horse completely on her own and at camp they had to stay on the lead line for all their riding. But the positive difference was she was riding a pony so she could saddle, bridle and mount the pony all by herself whereas with the horses at my stable she can't do any of that because they are too big/she is way too small. She can barely brush the horses at my stable because she only comes up to their bellies. She can walk right under the larger 16+ hands horse (not that we let her).

She loved having a pony her size to hang out with for a week and that was nice to see. And pony camp was cute to watch. On the last day I went out and walked on the path around the organic farm, and was looking at all the crops and the complex irrigation system and the greenhouses and it occurred to me that I still know next to nothing about organic gardening - at least not on a large scale like that. It's something I aspire to to at least feed us, but there is still so much I would need to learn. And the physical work would be pretty hefty. I think about how I've been struggling just the last month to just function in my daily life keeping the house clean and working and such, but then to add working on the crops in the field and I wonder if I could really do it. I wonder that as I'm sitting here with a terrible back ache and headache I've had all day.

Our cousins from Mandeville, LA were in town visiting yesterday. One of them works in the oil industry and explained to me in great detail how BP was criminally negligent in their handling of the drilling and five instances where they could've not cut corners and been cheap bastards and possibly kept the giant spill in the Gulf from happening. Yet I doubt they will be prosecuted. As Beth's dad said, "The Supreme Court will look the other way every time if your last name is "Incorporated". I would relay what my cousin told me about how they could've avoided the oil spill but I didn't understand half of what he said. Something about concrete pipes and bubbles and water to mud ratios. I really couldn't tell you except that BP was criminally negligent.

We went out to lunch in the city then I dragged them up to see my horse and hang out up there for awhile. I've often thought of moving back to Louisiana because all the in-laws except my husband's parents are down there, but then it occurred to us that some may want to move up here. This particular set of cousins seem like they could be swayed, especially because of the mild summer temperatures and the evergreen trees.

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