Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creaky old ladies

Today was kind of a long, weird day but it will still good. I took my daughter and our family friend IH (who is 15 and my daughter is her biggest fan) out to Monroe to buy some new stuff for the horse IH is going to lease and then went to the Evergreen State Fair. It was pouring down rain but our attitude was that a fair in the rain is better than no fair at all. It was a bit of a bummer though that the ferris wheel wasn't working because it was too stormy.

On the way home we stopped at the stable and I thought I'd ride Girlfriend just a little bit to give her a bit of exercise. We were doing fine and she was very mellow and responsive which was a nice change. She wasn't hot at all when I asked her to trot and we were doing a really nice, steady trot. But then she stumbled but that happens once in awhile when she is warming up. We walked again and it was fine and she started acting like her normal hot self, so we trotted again. Then I thought I'd try to ride the dressage test to see how she did and she was getting amped up just like her usual self. But part way through one of the circles she stumbled on her right leg (the one she'd stumbled on twice before and that she had gone lame in briefly last year). Next thing I knew her whole front end went straight down and she stumbled and fell onto her knees and I went straight over her neck. I was on my way to flying over her head but somehow with my bad habit of using the stirrups to balance myself I caught myself with my feet in the stirrups before I went catapulting over her head. And I pulled a muscle in my calf because of it. It probably would've hurt less to just go over her head.

She stood back up again as soon as she fell but I had one of those charlie-horse pains in my calf and had to ride her at a walk for a few minutes trying to remember the sports medicine stretches to get rid of a charlie horse. She seemed fine walking and I tried doing a sitting trot with her and she did ok, but stumbled again a little with her right foot. I'm hoping she'll be ok, but it has me a little worried because she's never fallen like that before. I'm a little worried to ride her now out of fear I'll mess up her leg even more. I gave her a good stretch and massage and put some ointment on her leg so hopefully she'll be ok by next week.

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