Friday, August 20, 2010

Now where to?

The bank never got back to us on whether or not they were accepting our counter-offer and as far as I know today was the last day that we could reasonably hear from them and still meet our deadline for closing. The last week or so, as it has become more apparent that the bank doesn't have any interest in selling us this house in Woodinville, I've been starting to think again, is Woodinville where we want to go? It probably is, but ever since my high school reunion in my old neighborhood down South a few weeks ago I've been really melancholy for living down there again, especially because so many old friends still live down there. And even more my good friend, Beth is a new mother and I wish I could see her and Oliver a lot more.

The commute would probably be better for my husband (at least until they tear down the viaduct and put in whatever crazy idea they're going to put in ... although with the way Seattle's government can't ever actually be proactive and do anything I imagine whatever it is won't happen for another twenty years) ... what was I talking about? Oh, the commute would be better than Woodinville probably but there's just no good barns around my old neighborhood. There is one in West Seattle (believe it or not) but they have a long waiting list and they have limitations of the type of horses you can have there. Like, I couldn't get an OTTB (off-the-track thoroughbred). And they don't take horses over 16 hands. And they don't do jumping.

Ok, two years ago when I adopted Girlfriend and was just starting to take dressage lessons again I said I was not going to jump again but the horse madness has completely taken me over. Now there is another mom at the stable about my age who has started taking dressage lessons and wants to start jumping and it would be fun to have someone to start jump classes with. Right now there's just the teens and a couple grown-ups who are already good at jumping and beginners who aren't ready to jump so I would be starting alone on the low jumps unless the other mom starts with me. And now that I'm getting my confidence back I am finding the urge to jump again. I may fall off and regret it, but at the same time it really is incredibly fun. It's like flying. And I'm starting to get my leg strength back so I can stand up in the saddle again and stay in my jump position without falling backward immediately. Come to think of it, two years ago I also said I wasn't going to show again either. Especially not with Girlfriend. And well, here we are. I do stick with my assertion that neither me nor my daughter will ever do cross country eventing. That is just too dangerous. Just show jumping on collapsable poles. I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, but I'm not suicidal. This is the type of jumping I used to do and want to do again - only obviously since these clips are from the Olympics the jump are a lot higher than the ones I went over. This is cross country and I will never do that because it's crazy dangerous. Those jumps don't collpse if a horse catches a foot on it and it can be deadly to a rider and horse if one of the falters. In one 18 month period of late 2007-2008, twelve riders died during cross country courses and even more horses than that died.

Anyway, back to neighborhoods ... I think Woodinville wins out because it is close to my stable and has really great schools, but I do find my heart trying to pull me to the Southend. I just don't know where we could live that has less crime, good schools and a place to keep my horse, since my old neighborhood has worse crime than our current neighborhood (being "rat city" and next to Seattle's only attempt at the ghetto) and because well, the schools suck even worse in the Southend. I guess I just need to keep an open mind and keep listening to my heart and we will end up in the right place.

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