Thursday, August 19, 2010

Horse shows and much excitement

This has been a very busy last week. Sunday was my first horse show in 31 years and my horse's first dressage show ever. Ok, so we came in fourth out of four horses, but I got a really good score considering that I regressed to 9 years old and got so nervous I forgot how to ride well as soon as I was out in the arena in front of the judge. And my poor horse got so excited during the warm-up before the show and while we were outside the arena before our turn for our dressage test that she was sure *finally* she was going to get to race again! She still did better than I had expected of her. Hopefully, our next show we'll do better because I won't be so nervous. And we did a practice test with my instructor a couple days before and we both did great and both got "A's" on that practice test.

When I was little shows were awful scary things that I hated just like I hated piano recitals and I was always crushed if I did come in first or worse second. It was a huge value judgment on my whole being and I didn't think I'd ever want to do shows again. But this barn show was really fun because it was not a value judgment that I didn't place well. And riding in the arena beforehand for the warm-up with way too many horses and friends from 14 years old to 73 years old and we were all excited and the horses were excited and the air was full of festivity - it was just really fun to be a part of that.

We now have one more day after today to hear back from the bank on whether or not they're approving our counter-offer of $5k less to their counter-offer of $15k more. We sent in our counter offer a month ago and they still haven't gotten back to us even though our close deadline is Sept. 1st and unless we hear back tomorrow there will be no way we can close by Sept. 1st. I guess they think that holding out for that extra $5k is worth it considering we are the only people who have made an offer on the house in a year. Dumb asses. And people wonder why banks go under. I know they may get back to us by tomorrow but I'm really doubtful. And honestly, if they get back to us by tomorrow and we have to move in 10 days - it will be really stressful. We've been kind of preparing but honestly, I don't even know if we'll be able to reserve movers this short notice. The whole thing is pretty fucked in my opinion that the bank is so uninterested in selling their houses that the previous owners aren't paying their bad debts on. It's not the banks fault that the owner of this house is a dumb ass for taking out giant debts there was no way he could pay except the banks should've known better. What were they thinking making loans it was obvious could not be repaid??? Our economy is so ridiculous it's no wonder it has crashed. I even saw a news story on the AP about how because people aren't wracking up debts on their credit cards right now that our economy is suffering. Between that and people not "buying enough stuff" our economy is not recovering. So according to that article, buying stuff and going into debt is the cure for our bad economy. Pathetic!

Of course, if buying stuff is supposed to help we are trying to buy a house for several hundreds of thousands of dollars and the bank is not interested in selling it to us. Duh.

I have to just not go into that subject much because it makes me so frustrated. Today my plan is to relax a little after being way too busy so I should focus on that. I'm also having an arthritis flare-up, probably from not being consistent with my Enbrel all summer because of health problems, and because of the abrupt weather change from 90 degrees to 60 degrees. So today's plan is playdate with some new friends and watching movies with the girl. We just got National Velvet and the Black Stallion which I haven't seen since I was a kid.

Me and Girlfriend stumbling through our first show together!

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  1. That's not stumbling, it's vibrating so fast that the camera can't capture you!