Monday, September 13, 2010

the last harvest

Ok, we didn't have very much of a harvest this year. The snap peas grew pretty well. Our tomatoes are finally ripe and very dense and tasty. We have some freakishly large jalepeno peppers which my husband hasn't eaten yet so I don't know how they are. I don't like jalepenos and will only eat them when I have no other choice. The carrots and pumpkins never sprouted which was disappointing. I guess NPR garden guy was wrong and it can be too late to plant carrots! On the other hand, the red potato that I forgot about in the cupboard and then stuck in the ground back in June did really well and I got a whole bunch of little red potatoes from it. That was actually really cool. My cucumbers started to flower and a couple flowers even started to turn into cucumbers but then they stopped growing after turning into little straw sized attempts at cucumbers. I think I'm going to need to look up some information on gardening to find out why that happened. My best crop was the strawberries but they managed to get eatin by the chickens before I could pick all of them.

Now I need to remember to plant a cover crop before it gets too late. I think I'm supposed to plant it by mid-October. I dropped the ball on doing that last year but I am definitely going to try to do it this year because at the rate we're going we're still going to be living here in spring and I'd like to have my soil in better condition next spring to try again.

My attempt at eating spicy foods continues and is actually making meals more interesting. Breakfast and lunch are pretty non-inspired meals for me because one is eaten while trying to wrangle the girl and get ready for work, and the other is often actually eaten at work while working, so I've been doing salads. And I think I'm getting addicted to Mama Lils Kick Butt peppers because a salad is just not a salad now without them. I also ordered some hot red pepper jelly from to make some hot red pepper jelly vinaigrette like I had when we were in N'awlins last Thanksgiving. I may have to try something with a hot curry tomorrow night. I really do feel like I'm getting addicted to spicy foods because I'm finding myself craving it now that I've been eating it for a week or so. On the flipside I'm eating less sugar and that is making me cranky. I am no longer craving that, I'm just cranky. But that also might be because I'm tired and way too busy.

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