Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a lovely day

Now that I am surrounded by all these fellow horse girls and country girls, I've been exposed to something I swore I'd never like: "young country". So, I've been researching it a little and I have to say, if it doesn't sound like country (ie: banjos, fiddles and twang) I still don't like, but there are some newer country singers (other than just Allison Krauss and Gillian Welch) who are actually ok. Still, the stuff that doesn't have any country music in it at all and is called country because the musician is wearing a cowboy hat still bugs me. But I just listened to a nice song by Tim McGraw "Live like you were dyin" and it was actually very nice. Yes, I know my hipster friends - what tiny bit of my "cool factor" I may have had left just crashed and died. Oh well.

Speaking of cowboy hats, my neighbor who won't let her child play at our house because "our dog bites" (which is so untrue - she is the sweetest, gentlest dog ever, she just happens to be a pitbull) and who is horrified by the idea of her children being around horses - was wearing a cowboy hat yesterday. And that really irked me. If she's phobic of animals larger than a chipmunk than it seems weird to be wearing clothes that give off the impression you are into being in the country, getting muddy and wrangling large animals. I know that's probably silly but it still made me want to use the old teenage word "poser".

Speaking of horses, since I was getting over being sick the last couple weeks I didn't get to ride my horse at all and by Saturday I was going through a bit of horse withdrawal. When I got to the stable another lesson with some girls who were a bit more beginner than me was just starting and my instructor said I could join the lesson if I wanted. One thing that I've been doing the last couple years - and I don't know where I picked up this habit - is not holding the reins tightly enough in my right hand. And sure enough when Girl got irritated with me and yanked her head down when I wanted her to trot instead of canter I lost that rein. So, I'm now practicing holding the pitbulls leash tightly and like a rein in my right hand to get the muscle memory in my head ASAP to hold onto the reins.

I had another wonderful moment where our instructor announced to the class, "One of my favorite moments of being a teacher is watching a student have a lot of problems with a horse and overcome those problems. J. could barely handle her horse two years ago. And now seeing J. get on her horse after not being ridden for two weeks and have her horse be quiet and calm on a loose rein is one of those moments! That's a huge improvement for both rider and horse and it shows the hard work and dedication on J.'s part." I was just about ready to explode with happiness over that compliment!

Sunday our whole family went out and looked at another house in Woodinville up for short sale and like the fools we are decided to make an offer on it. This time we have a lot more time to wait on the bank so we aren't risking that. But now the question is, the bank has already sent a letter to the previous owners of notification of foreclosure, so will they halt the foreclosure process in order to look at our offer? It's totally a crapshoot. My parents think we're nuts. But then they just put their house on the market to move to Mercer Island so they are already super stressed about that. Still, it is a beautiful house and we will be really lucky if we do end up getting it.

After looking at the house we took our daughter to a birthday party in Bothell and my husband and I went to Cafe Ladro and hung out and he drew stuff with the new drawing program on his computer and I painted with watercolors. I tried a little bit to paint with watercolors on Saturday too down at Greenlake while my husband and the girl rode around on their bikes. It's been really fun trying to draw and paint again after meeting one of the art professors from the UW a month or so ago and having him give me some great tips on how to draw. I guess all I needed were those few little tips and I'm starting to enjoy art again like I did when I was a little kid. It's very cool. And now that I shut down my non-profit I have more time to do it!

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