Monday, September 20, 2010


The last week or so Janey (our Welsummer chicken) stopped laying eggs and started losing feathers. It has gotten so bad that now there are chicken feathers in our house where people have tracked them in, or when I open the back door they blow in off the back porch. Our back yard is starting to not only be covered by poop but also covered by chicken feathers. So, it turns out that Janey is molting. I'd heard that term before but it never occurred to me that chickens actually molt. At least not to the point where the backyard is covered in feathers.

It is almost as annoying as when Spring comes along and Girlfriend starts losing her winter coat and every time I brush her I'm barraged by horse hair and I spend the whole season covered with prickly horse hair that sticks in my clothes and never actually comes completely off of my stuff. Believe it or not, despite my love of animals, stuff like this really bugs me. Remember, I do accounting as my job so I am by nature very nitpicky.

I've been recovering from some random illness for the last five days and today I (knock on wood) seem to finally be feeling close to myself again. I spent half the day at work which helped my mood immensely (weird, huh? I actually really like where I work and really like my co-workers - it's rare and I know I'm very lucky).

The other part of the day was at the ENT (ear nose and throat) doctor having my daughter's tonsils looked it. It turns out she'll be having her tonsils out in two weeks, which means two weeks of keeping her home and quiet. Well, she doesn't have to stay home per say, but she does have to stay quiet. I'm thinking of quiet things we can do so we don't go stir-crazy. I think I will take her to a matinee a few days after the surgery when she's feeling a little better. And maybe we'll go stay for a day or two at my parent's house for a change of scenery and a some grandparents to dote on her. She said the other day she doesn't get to see them enough even though she sees them almost once a week. I'm glad she loves her family so much!

My MRI results came back with nothing unusual showing (YAY!!!) My doctor knew how worried I was and actually left a message on my voice mail saying, "Everything looks normal and you do *not* have M.S." The next thing I am apparently supposed to do is get something called a vertigo test where they wave stuff in front of my eyes and puff hot and cold air into my ear until they get me all good and dizzy, in hopes of figuring out what is causing the off and on vertigo and balance issues. Then once they figure that out I'll see the ENT (same one as EJ) and we'll go from there. I have a feeling they're going to want to take out my adnoids or do something about my chronic sinus problems. Which would be nice. It's just a relief to actually be having some movement in this area. Two years ago when I was trying to find answers the last ENT said "Stay away from dust and use Flonase," and that was it. Obviously, that has not helped.

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