Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think I need riding gloves

One of the kids at the stable always wears riding gloves when she rides and then complains that she really feels it when she doesn't. I've been trying to figure out a way to justify getting myself a pair of riding gloves because I think they are cute but so far it hasn't been an issue that I don't wear them. Today I actually had an issue. I was holding Girl's reins with my left hand and closing the sliding door to the arena shut with my right. Little J. (one of the teens with the same name as me) had put her saddle on the door and it came tumbling down into the arena, causing Girlfriend to rear up, throw her head off to the side and run across the arena. Before I realized she was going to fully rear up my initial reaction was to pull back on the reins and say, "Whoaaaa Girl," to calm her down. But I quickly realized she was too freaked and I should just let her go and in that split second it took me to realize I needed to let go and not pull back, the reins pulled from my hand giving me quite a rug burn across the inside of my fingers. Now I have my justification to get riding gloves.

Earlier while I was tacking her up on the cross ties she spooked when another one of the teens road her horse out into the driveway from the arena. I'm not sure why that spooked her - just the right unexpected change at the right time, I guess. She jumped back and tossed her head once (which worried me because I have heard of horses spooking so badly they've broken out of cross ties). Luckily Girl is a pretty steady horse and calmed down quickly as soon as I said it was ok and she realized it wasn't a monster.

I didn't have more than twenty minutes to ride because I had to come home and pick up my daughter from the neighbor's so they could go somewhere, and poor Girl really needed more than a twenty minute ride. I got on her and she was all wound up and trotting before I even had my leg over her. And it actually took almost two laps around the arena before I could fully get her to a calm walk. She bucked a couple times going into the trot, then we managed to do a fairly smooth canter twice around the arena. So I changed rein and tried to canter again, but this time she did quite a big buck and tried to bolt and I slowed her down to a walk and realized I didn't have time to do it again correctly and still leave on time. I was a little pissed too and didn't want to reward her with more cantering. The better thing to do in hindsight though would've been to make her do it correctly.

The farm hunt continues. I want to live somewhere that I have to keep the beavers, deer and elk out of my garden and we need to learn about bears and mountain lions. Since we said no to the latest Woodinville house (which was as N. so asutely noted "in the suburbs") I find myself wondering if there isn't some way I can at least live where I have to keep the deer out of my garden. Even if it's not bear and elk. Bainbridge Island has deer, but once again the ferries give us pause. It will all work out the way it's supposed to, I just wish I knew how and when.

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