Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Having an adverse reaction to election results

I'm not very happy with the election results I'm seeing in the state of Washington (where I live) this morning. Although Patty Murray is not my favorite she is a far cry better than Rossi and at least she is ahead right now, although only barely. And privatizing liquor sales did not pass which is good. What amazes me is in the comments section on the local news how angry so many people are that those liquor initiatives did not pass. Did they not read about where the money from liquor sales goes? Did they not read about what the outcome of the lack of state revenue would be (cuts on social services including police services, fire department, emergency medical service)? There was all this hype (paid for by places like Costco and Sams Club) saying that the State would save a bunch of money on liquor sales advertising and that money could go to social services which hello! Is a lie. When was the last time you saw a tv ad, billboard or internet ad touting the sale of Jack Daniels at your local State owned liquor store - paid for by your liquore store and not the manufacturor? The reality is if you do a little research is that the revenue from those sales goes to support community services and to take away that revenue would be catastrophic and instead your hard-earned money would be going into the pockets of Coscto shareholders at the expense of police and fire servics.

Ok, so at least those two initiatives didn't pass. But the tax on candy, bottled water and soda was repealed which means far less revenue toward education. WTF people! You would rather save ten cents on your jumbo Three Muskateer and have more cuts to our already sub-par public education system? Give me a break! It's a tax on stuff you DON'T NEED. If you don't want to pay the extra few cents then don't buy that extra Jolt cola. And the income tax on the rich didn't pass. The income tax that would only affect individuals making $250k a year or families making $400k a year. Do you know WHY it didn't pass? Because the CEO of Microsoft and Jeff Bezos spent literally millions of dollars campaigning against it and telling people "You're next! First they tax us, but then they'll come for you! Don't be fooled!" which is total bullshit. What they were really saying is "We are selfish and don't want to pay any more taxes but we don't want to beg you to vote the tax out based on that so we're going to scare you with lies in order to get our way." Aaaaaagh! Our state is already woefully behind the ball in social services for the mentally ill and health and hospice care for the dying and education. It's just pathetic. We have so many millionaires/billionaires here and yet we have very sub-par education, especially in the Seattle School District. The only reason our elementary school does so well is we have a PTA that is rich enough to have a $100k + budget to fund things the school district won't - like our librarian, school nurse, counselors, art program just to name a few. If we were in a poor area where people couldn't donate so much money we wouldn't have a librarian, or a school nurse or a counselor for special ed. kids. Oh, your kid is autistic? Well, if you can't afford to hire private counselors and special ed. teachers yourself than screw you. It's not our fault you're not rich. If you had been smart enough to only give birth to typical children since you're poor and can't afford the expensive counseling needed then you wouldn't have this problem. Jesus fucking Christ.

I'm going to start researching other states and see if there are other states where people are less likely to fall prey to the propaganda machine and will actually think these things through and where the majority of people want community and teamwork in their community - not a bunch of "Fuck you - I've got mine and I'm hanging onto it. I don't care what happens to you. But when the fall-out of no social services hits I will complain loudly about it even though I'll refuse to do anything to fix the situation."

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