Monday, December 27, 2010

Hex bugs and fatigue bugs

I've had a cold the last couple days which has left me very tired - probably because I don't sleep much because I keep coughing. It's frustrating because there is a lot I want to get done around the house before the potential buyers come in for the inspection tomorrow but I just can't seem to power up to do much of it. My sister-in-law was telling me about how she has had insomnia for the past couple years and I don't know how anybody can stand that. I've been able to power through chronic pain but I'm not good at powering through lack of sleep.

One of my daughter's Christmas presents was two pink hex bugs. They are little cockroach sized bug robots that scurry around the floor a lot like cockroaches. While she was building little courses for them to scurry through on the kitchen floor I was reminded of this old apartment (our building is the one on the left ... looking much different than when I lived there). I lived in down in San Francisco when I was twenty years old. I lived there with my boyfriend at the time and it was in the interior of an old building on Haight and Filmore that housed a Walgreen's and Erno's Tattoo Shop downstairs. Our apartment was on the inside of the building so our only two windows looked into an air shaft. Our neighbor's across the air shaft were members of the Rainbow Family and were very nice but never wore clothes unless they had to.

Our neighbor downstairs was a mystery though. Once I saw him sitting on the steps in front of the building smoking cigarettes and staring off into space. He was very overweight and had a blank look in his eyes. He would smoke a couple drags of a cigarette then stomp it out on the stairs and immediately light another one. When I said "hi" to him he didn't even recognize I was there. At night he would play loud classical music and make these strange whooping, screeching, growling noises and sometimes he'd howl "I'm going to kiiiiillll you!" Once early on I complained to the manager about it and he said it must have been his tv and don't worry about it. He didn't have a name on the mailbox for his apartment either. It was very odd.

Anyway, we had a lot of cockroaches. At that time I cleaned mansions on Russian Hill to earn money and even they had cockroaches, although they also had fairly good exterminators unlike us. We'd get roach motels and they would fill up within a day. There was an ever-present moving black spot on the ceiling in the bathroom of cockroaches congregating together. I remember a few times we considered getting dayglo paint and splashing drops onto them and watch the patterns as they scurried around. If I still lived there now I would definitely do that.

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