Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving to the convergence zone

The weather forecast called for a chance of lowland snow yesterday but Seattle didn't end up getting any. Most of it was in the convergence zone which is up by Everett. I am happy to find out that we are moving to the convergence zone so that means we might actually get a bit of snow every winter. Not much, but more than living in Seattle.

Today was phase III of the longest inspection ever. Of course, as time passes my imagination on all the myriad of expensive repairs we'll have to make grows bigger and bigger. I'm not good at waiting. I'm hoping that there will be some sort of resolution by this weekend. I've been trying to keep my mood light by joking that next a medium will have to come by to verify that there are no portals to demonic netherworlds in the house - and that we have the proper paperwork to back that up. The nice thing is, my lovely anal retentive husband actually has made sure we have saved all paperwork from all the work on the house. He makes my life easier in so many ways and his meticulous nature is only one of them.

At work today I was informed that it would be quite beneficial if I up my hours. That is probably a good thing because we'll need the money after doing whatever repairs we need to do post-inspection. But I also really need to learn to focus. When my boss and I are alone together it is a great recipe for non-focuseness. Today the distraction was getting the speakers on my computer to work so that I could see Double Rainbow Guy who somehow went viral on youtube. How do these things go viral? It's just bizarre to me. So, all I have to do is be a goofball on acid on youtube and I too will become rich and famous and asked to be on Oprah? Oh society. Sigh.

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