Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real estate chaos

In a fit of whimsy, we put our house on the market two weeks before Christmas. It was one of those "What have we got to lose?" ideas that if it goes well will save us at least two months on carrying two mortgages when we buy our house in Woodinville and at worst will be a lot of work before Christmas, but mean much less work in Spring when the market picks up.

We expected to put our house on the market then have last week to be able to continue working on making the house perfect for the open house last weekend. But instead the phone was ringing off the hook with agents wanting to bring their clients through. So, every other hour I had to pack up and leave for awhile. Needless to say we didn't get that much done. But people poured through the house during the open house. I was so exhausted and brain dead by yesterday I was really glad that no agents called to show the house. I figure if no one makes an offer after that onslaught of half the city viewing our house then we deserved to have some peace and quiet the week before Christmas.

Apparently, a lot of people who looked at the house were excited about the chickens and wanted to know if they come with the house. A lot of people wanted our big orange cat, BuddyCat to come with the house. The funniest feedback we got was that many people commented on how well we've taken care of the house. But when I look around I see chipped paint everywhere and where my husband cleaned the tile in the new bathroom with some heavy-duty toxic tile cleaner and it bleached spots in the paint. I called my friend, Megan in a melt-down in line at Fred Meyer last week and said no one would ever want to buy our house because it's not nice enough and she said that I'm just a perfectionist and it will be my mental downfall. She might be right ... Of course, she also said that even though it's old our house is "cool" to which I exclaimed, "But no one cool can afford to buy our house!" Hopefully, that was just panic talking and not reality.

Meanwhile, I am going through horse withdrawal because I have not gotten to see my horse in over a week and have not been able to ride her more than twice in the last two weeks. Luckily, the nice part of boarding one's horse at that some of my barn-friends have been nice enough to make time to ride her and give her some work to do instead of just lolligagging in the pasture with her boyfriend, Ziggy.

In other news, now Alina is molting which means there are white feathers everywhere. Right when we're trying to make our house and yard look "perfect". Oh well. We get up in the morning and there's a whole 'nother layer of white feathers flying around. Molting in winter is terrible timing. Janey molted right when the freezing weather started last month. Well, fun and charming as our chickens are they are still pretty dumb, I think. As my daughter says, holding up her fingers really close together "Teeeny tiny little brains!"

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