Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well, the hydrocodone worked a little and stopped my cough enough to get a little more sleep. I feel quite a bit better today thank goodness. I still have the cold but I'm not quite so sleep-deprived. Luckily, it did not set off a big arthritis flare-up because narcotics have a tendency to send me into a flare-up. They also trigger panic attacks. This is why I will never go back to the old junkie days. Drugs are not fun anymore when it involves severe joint pain and panic attacks. Ok, there's also the "life is great why ruin it" factor too.

We got the inspection results back and it reminds me why I should never try to sell an 85 year old house ever again. What a pain in the butt. Usually I am all about doing as much stuff myself as I can, but all this construction talk and foundation, settling and support beams talk is making my head hurt. I'm going to leave this to the menfolk - specifically my engineer husband. That is the most girly talk you're going to hear from me for awhile, I promise. I pride myself in being the wife whose husband says to the mechanics "Don't worry about the tune-up, my wife can do that." But I don't know a thing about framing or house construction and right now I am too tired to try to learn.

I've been having all sorts of weird dreams probably from hyperventilating from coughing and lack of sleep. Night before last I dreamt that Mike across the street was evil and had all these strange minions but he was evil in an entertaining Harry Potter sort of way. He was also completely white and partially transluscent, even his clothes. This morning I had a stress dream that I was working at the UW again (where I worked before my daughter was born) and I had gone into work with the pitbull, driving my old friend, Chris's old orange VW bus. When I got there I realized I had left my 6-year old daughter at home alone and started to panic. I actually thought in the dream, "I have had nightmares that I left her alone and now I actually have!" I said to my co-worker, "But if something bad happens the pitbull will protect her," and my co-worker pointed out, "But you brought the pitbull with you." And I was torn between leaving and losing my job and protecting my daughter (which in waking life I wouldn't care about losing my job if it meant protecting my daughter). Then I was freaking out because I was afraid I wouldn't get home before my husband and he'd find out I'd left her alone and then he'd leave and take her away to protect her from me and my awful negligent ways. Yikes!

And I'm going through horse withdrawal. I got to see my horse yesterday for about twenty minutes because I needed to deliver more supplements to her. And I convinced my dad that he should stay long enough to help me groom her (something he'd never done). He kept patting her and saying, "Good dog," in this dry sort of way (since he became a "dog person" after he retired). But with this awful cold I need to hold off riding until I can take a deep breath without wheezing or coughing. Bah. I need to be totally over this by next weekend because they're having a polo clinic at our stable and I really want to ride in it. Thanks to Shane showing up out of nowhere wanting to learn to ride so he could play polo then adopting two beautiful polo ponies from California, everyone has gotten the polo bug and wants to learn too. It's not my first choice like mounted shooting, but since I don't think I'll find anyone on this side of the mountains to teach me that, I'll give polo a go.

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