Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tonight that we may sleep

For the past few nights I've had one of those coughs that doesn't bother me until I lie down, then it's like Chinese water torture. I am just about to doze off and I get that awful tickle in my throat that makes me need to cough. Then it spirals out of control from there and I can't seem to stop coughing. Ugh. I haven't been getting much sleep and my husband finally went and slept in my daughter's bottom bunk last night so he could try and get some sleep. Which meant she didn't get much sleep because she came in my room this morning to wake me up and announce, "Do you know how many times Daddy snorted and woke me up last night? Seven. I counted. He woke me up seven times."

I tried everything over the counter that we could come up with short of a humidifier (because the steam might potentially mess up the walls and today was our big inspection from the buyers). Finally in desperation this evening, I dug out some hydrocodone left over from my daughter's surgery last fall and am hoping that will finally suppress this dang cough. Aaargh.

I know, that was completely TMI for a public blog but I had to rant.

During the day I took my parents out to Woodinville to see our new house and drove my daughter by her new school. We went to lunch in downtown Woodinville and found the perfect restaurant in our new neighborhood to go when I don't feel like cooking or we just want to go out to eat as a family. So, I'm happy about that. It's good to have a local haunt in one's new neighborhood.

Despite that I swore I'd never live in the suburbs and I swore I'd never live on the Eastside, as our move date gets closer I'm feeling more and more like we've made the right choice. At first I was a little worried because it will all be so new and it's not how I pictured my idea of leaving the city, but the more I learn about our new neighborhood the more I feel a pull in my heart that this is the right decision for our family.

Plus, some stuff is changing here in the city in ways that don't work for me any more. Crime in our neighborhood has shot through the roof and now our newest addition is an establishment that sells "medical marijauna" and is a place for folks to hang out and smoke pot. In theory I don't really think pot is that much worse than alcohol and I figure more people probably abuse alcohol than pot, but at the same time, it is still illegal. I don't get this medical marijuana loophole. If THC were such a great medication then greedy pharmaceutical companies would be all over it. And the negative effects of smoking pot on the lungs is so huge. It seems like it would be a bad idea to be smoking anything when you're chronically or terminally ill. It just seems sketchy to me. It would be one thing if it were legal, but selling medical marijuana is still illegal in WA State I thought so it just doesn't strike me as a great business if they feel they are righteous enough to be above the law. It bugs me when rich Republicans do that and it bugs me when stoner hippies do that. If the law sucks, work to change it. But if everyone just didn't abide by laws that they thought were stupid then it would be anarchy - and that only works if you're a 14-year old punk rocker who lives in mom's basement.


  1. My understanding is the reason "greedy pharmaceutical companies" aren't all over it is because they can't put a patten on it and thus corner the market. It's also the reason why most other herbs can't be sold as treating anything, pharmaceutical companies have made it too expensive for Farmer Bob who grows St John's Wart to go through the trials to get approved by the FDA.

    We looked into getting my Grandpa some medical marijuana (he lives in CA) because his appetite had disappeared and he was having problems with dizziness. At 90, the negative effects of not eating or falling would be much worse than lung damage. Only reason why we didn't is because it turned out he had conflicting medications that were causing his problems.

    For the record, not a big fan of pot myself, and I really don't like stoners. Still trying to figure out how I feel about it all. You'll have to let me know where this medical marijuana place is, I'd like to keep an eye on it.

  2. It's not illegal to sell medical marijuana in Washington state. It still, however, is illegal to possess it as far as the federal laws are concerned. MM is an instigator between the whole federal/state rights issues. And when you're terminally ill and/or chronically in pain, nothing relieves the pain better than cannabis with the least amount of side effects, imho (especially if you have liver issues). But I can fully understand the issues with what's been happening in your current hood. Congratz on the house and hope you are all happy there.

  3. I'm all for using medical marijuana if that really is the only thing that helps. According to the state law that I looked up, it is ok to grow it for your own use but not ok to sell it to lots and lots of people and have big grow operations. I also have to wonder about the place in our neighborhood that sells different types under names like "Trainwreck" "AK-47" "Black widow". That sounds much more like stoner culture than medical culture.