Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ah coffee ... sweet elixir of life

We have almost all our stuff in our new house and everything out of our old house. I do like this new house a lot. I think I'll like it more when I can find things and all the boxes are out of the living room. My friend, Cheryl came over yesterday with lunch and other food (since our kitchen was only partially unpacked) and she walked in and said, "Wow!" and I said, "Wow it's nice or wow it's chaotic?" and she said, "Both."

I've been very tunnel-visioned on getting moved and that's only been challenged by needing to get stuff done for big the fundraising auction for work this coming weekend. So I haven't been out to see my horse at all except for five minutes to drop off her senior feed last week. I'm hoping to be able to go out and ride her this afternoon for about an hour today. IH emailed me and said that Girlfriend and her pasture-mate, true love, Ziggy gave Ziggy's owner a run for her money the other day by galloping gleefully around her while she was trying to catch them. I wish I could've seen that!

We had until Friday at 9pm to have everything out of our old house and I was on the freeway heading out to take our daughter to a playdate in our old neighborhood and help my husband pack the last of our stuff and clean the house - when my phone rang and my daughter's new school was calling to remind me I had until 4pm that day to get her registration in so she can start school on Tuesday. So, I dropped her off, picked up a car load of stuff from our old house and headed back to our new neighborhood. I managed to get all her registration paperwork filled out and in on time and a wonderful coincidence - while I was filling out the paperwork a little girl sat down at the table in the office next to me. I asked if she was waiting for her mom to pick her up and she said yes. She asked what I was doing and I said I was registering my daughter to start school next Tuesday and she got all excited and said that she's been assigned to be my daughter's "buddy" and will be showing her around the school on the first day. Then she told me all about their classroom and teacher and how the teacher had made an assignment for all the kids to draw pictures and make welcome cards for her. I have a good feeling about this change for her.

I went back to our old house and helped finish packing and cleaning the house. We managed to get everything done by 9:15pm just as the new owners showed up. I tried to write it off that they were just excited and weren't checking up on us to make sure we were out on time (even though our transactions with them so far have been that they are incredibly nit-picky and controlling and treated us from the get-go like we were sheisters trying to take them for a ride. I didn't talk to them because I was busy collecting our daughter from her playdate and getting ready to head home because we were all completely exhausted.

A week or so ago their agent had asked our agent if the buyers could have our email addresses to ask us questions about the house after they move in. Our gut feeling after how they'd acted during the buying of the house was no, we didn't feel comfortable with that so if something comes up they could just email their agent who would contact our agent who would contact us. That's what we are doing with the people we bought from. And my agent said that was completely normal to ask that they contact us through our agents - that's part of the agent's job.

So, yesterday morning I get up in the morning and there is an email from the buyers straight to us asking if we wanted any of the couple things we'd left in the house (which we didn't). It was a valid question, but it was weird because we had specifically said they could not have our email addresses so they must've lifted them off the escrow documents. That is just such a lack of boundaries. Sure it was a valid question but why didn't they just contact the way we asked through our agent? I'm just glad we are (hopefully) done dealing with them.

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